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SWR Productions Forum _ ShockWave _ Skirmish 8 Players Lag?

Posted by: klonerk 26 Feb 2017, 20:23

Is it a known bug that the game lags as fuck when playing with 7 Opponents? Or is it just me?

Posted by: (USA)Bruce 26 Feb 2017, 21:50

Its known since erm...2003?
Avoid 8 player maps

Posted by: Zhao 1 Mar 2017, 4:26

You need to understand the high variance of having 8 players.

If even 1 of you have A (Shitty computer specs) or B ( a Poor connection )
It will lag horribly

If said variables dont exist the sage engine eventually lags if you move more then 100 units at the map at once for at least 2 seconds.
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