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SWR Productions Forum _ ShockWave _ ShockWave 1.201 Hotfix #1 Released

Posted by: erdemtekin 28 Aug 2017, 20:43

This update fixes some problems on ShockWave 1.201.

---Bug Fixes---
-Nuke General Tao now use nuclear missile on skirmish and challenge games
-Fixed Pathfinder pink texture problem on snowy maps


Posted by: (USA)Bruce 29 Aug 2017, 1:33

Im not sure if anyone would like anyone to post their own patches and fixes.

Theese issues have been noted and will be fixed with all of the other changes in store.

Still, thanks for your hardwork. Hopefully the offical release will be released soon so this patch wont spread (Nothing personnel I admire your dedication to fixing it)
Because if it does it might lead to confusion in the community online.

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