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SWR Productions Forum _ ShockWave _ Very important question about shockwave STR file

Posted by: Angel 15 Oct 2017, 13:51

Please, answer me one question, it is very important for me. Is there some limit in STR file to number of lines, or something like that? I did description for my mod, but in one moment mod stoped to launch. We found out that the problem is STR file, when I did backup to past version, mod works, but with the last version of STR, where I added about 7-8 descriptions mod is not launched, what's the problem, could anybody help, please?

Posted by: Zeke 15 Oct 2017, 14:35

I've never encountered a limit for the STR file, perhaps there's simply wrong (like a missing ", or some kind of typo) with one of those new descriptions.

Posted by: Angel 15 Oct 2017, 18:38

Thank you, it was problem with new descriptions, but more tricky, than you said. smile.gif But now everything is ok.

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