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Posted by: Seth 17 May 2014, 21:27

Hello ShockWave fans,

after I published some of my ROTR missions earlier this week, now my Shockwave missions follow suit.
As they are quite many, I put them into a big package in my dropbox folder.
They are from really different stages in my mapping career, so the quality level and difficulty may vary greatly; I have ensured however that they all are functional in ShW 1.1 (no guarantees for other versions).

As for the missions themselves:

Against Fai:

Simple. You play vGLA against General Fai. Was meant as a replacement for his non existing General’s Challenge.


You play China (first vChina, then Tao) and try to wipe out the GLA.

Battle for Golan Heights:

You as Fai against Deathstrike in a mountainside. You must first destroy SAM sites with your small infantry team, then build a base and clean up.

City Struggle:

Kassad vs. China and USA. You have to play very sneaky.


As the name suggests, you try to destroy Deathstrike’s Soyuz missile silo as Alexander, with some help from Kwai.

Roll Tide:

You as Ironside against the GLA and the famous Chinese Rogue General. In the beginning you have to take out a scud storm with Burton.

The scourge of the earth:

You as Thrax are ’testing’ some chemical weapons on ’volunteers’. Involves the longest cinematic intro I ever made.

Tibet Insurrection:

You as China have to strike down the GLA insurrection in Tibet. In this mission you can choose your General.
(In order to fail in this one you have to be drunk)

UN convoy:

You play as USA and try to protect UN convoys with supplies from the GLA. In this mission you can choose your General.

USA1- Hunting for Scorpions:

Part 1 of my still unfinished USA mini campaign. Crush the GLA. Easy!

USA2-Danger of Explosion:

Part 2 of my still unfinished USA mini campaign. You must rescue Burton from prison with the help from two CIA agents, then use Burton to destroy a Scud Storm. Finally you can take on Juhziz’s base after securing your own (AirGen).

Part 3 is finished, but built on a map I didn’t make, so I have to apply for the permission of the mapper first.

Have fun and feel free to leave bug reports etc.

Posted by: ☯ Dylan 18 May 2014, 8:27

Amazing, Excitement level over 1000 !. Keep them coming. smile.gif

Posted by: ☯ Dylan 23 May 2014, 9:37

Deathstrike-Rocket (Armour Edit) (SHW).tga

Deathstrike-Rocket (Armour Edit) (SHW).map

Download both files and put them in Documents< C&C Generals Zero Hour Data < Maps < and create a folder called "Deathstrike-Rocket (Armour Edit)" and put both files in there.

In my opinion, this will be the perfect challenge map for General Deathstrike if the two problems in my opinion are solved.

1) General Kwai, the Red ally should be removed.

2) The vast area in front of the player's base should either be removed completely or another Deathstrike base should be added.

I think that this map made by Seth is a perfect challenge map for General Deathstrike. I hope that everyone would put their efforts and make it into a challenge map because this map has huge potential.

Posted by: DarkyPwnz 23 May 2014, 11:58

I want to play battle for golan heights but the cutscene takes forever.

Anyway, I enjoyed these, would love to see more.

Just tried it again, China actually destroyed all the Salvage forces and the Gatlings destroyed the SCUDs so the cutscene didn't end.

Posted by: Seth 24 May 2014, 12:47

I'll look into that, last time I played it it went through...thanks for the report.

Posted by: DarkyPwnz 24 May 2014, 12:53

My bad, I mixed Golan Heights with the Scourge of the Earth mission, and by "doesn't end" I simply meant that it too long. However, The second one still applies (to Golan), and interestingly the AI had two Tank Hunters when it won against GLA, Tank Hunters that it didn't have at the same point in time on other playthroughs.


I just played Roll Tide again and decided not to cheese it with SW spam (or SW use at all) and it was very enjoyable. Easily my favourite among your missions, was also nice to play as Armor who's one of my favourite generals.

Posted by: Seth 27 May 2014, 19:07

those cinematics are a pain in the *** - you can test it a thousand times and still the 1001st time something unexpected happens. huh.gif

Actually, most of these missions are designed for no (or limited) SW use. I left them buildable however because I think a good map concept does not involve forcing the player to use or not use a certain strategy, but let's him/her choose.

Posted by: DarkyPwnz 27 May 2014, 19:53

I agree. You taught me a lesson and I no longer cheese them. One problem however is that you don't get the Radar Scan on USA Mission 2, making it unplayable because the CIA Operators hit a demo trap eventually...

Posted by: Seth 28 May 2014, 11:49

in this mission it is intended not to have a sat scan in the beginning, which is why I let the Battle Bus dropping the demo traps drive around in a very visible route.

Hint: it drives straight on the street, so you won't get demo traps besides it.

Posted by: DarkyPwnz 18 Jun 2014, 10:28

doesn't really help when you have to cross bridge and it has demo traps on each end... And I even destroyed the Battle Bus before it even started its route. Are you sure this is possible?

Posted by: Seth 20 Jun 2014, 8:46

Did you rescue the pathfinder in the small prison area? He can detect stealth.

Posted by: DarkyPwnz 20 Jun 2014, 14:08

Okay, found him. However that is extremely obscure, there's no hint that I should be going there.

It's as if the base has its seperate power grid, you have 0 power all the time and then when you build the supply center, you go out of power. The patriots and stuff are no longer functioning, but the power plants don't give you power. Seperate teams or something?

Also since it's not a skirmish map AFG doesn't start with Countermeasures.

Edit: I tested it and Countermeasures do work, they just aren't coloured in the upgrade box on units.

As for the map itself, I finished it and it was fun, even if it was a bit too easy. By the time you get to the base you have 30k or so standing around, and with the MD+Pathfinder+CIA+Burton Fortress you get, you don't even need anything besides that ,the Nukelord for the repairs and your GPs.

I also never got that radar van scan at any point.

Posted by: teslashark 26 Jun 2014, 11:37

The missions are quite fun, though after a while when the enemies (especially GLA) starts rebuilding like crazy, whole battles turn to attrition. Could you please stop them from rebuilding?

Posted by: Seth 28 Jun 2014, 17:16

Well, I usually use a maximum of 5 rebuilds per building - imo that's not too much, so I won't change anything in that regard.

You can however change that yourself, just open the map and look at the values in the build list tool.


the stuff with the power and the radar not available is a not fixable bug in the game.

Posted by: Assassin 28 Jul 2014, 21:38

Nice but i finished them already sad.gif

Would be nice if you could do more biggrin.gif

Posted by: Seth 29 Jul 2014, 11:23

Since I am now in the ROTR team don't expect many new missions until after the release of 2.0, I'm concentrating on the official stuff first.

Posted by: nouamane_air 25 Dec 2014, 11:06

Thanks a lot Seth your missions is very good. I like your job, appreciat it!

Posted by: Karpet 21 Jan 2015, 20:57

City Struggle was quite challenging, I loved it.

Thank you, Kassad's OP quad cannons!

Posted by: ARedScoot 8 Oct 2016, 11:21

How to use this Fanmade Missions? am new in C&C Shockwave Mod.

Posted by: FabulousPug 25 Jan 2017, 20:43

Appreciate the effort, the missions are great! Actually the one with Lotus and some soldiers calling airstrikes on Deathstrike's bases I won by capturing and building the GLA stuff because I either didn't notice or there was no message about a possible China base to the south. Gonna replay it along with some other missions smile.gif

Posted by: lavastorm 15 Apr 2017, 4:30

Missions were made private? not sure if this is intentional or not.

Posted by: Seth 20 Jun 2017, 21:48

not intentional, Dropbox changed their permissions system.

This link should work:

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