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AGE OF EMPIRES ONE REMASTERED, Theres no such thing as a bad idea, just not enough nostalgia.
post 13 Jun 2017, 1:07
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Now first of all...Let me start this by saying

E3 has revealed Age of empires ONE, yes ONE being remasterd TWENTY years later...Out of everything that could or couldnt be expected.This thing was on NOBODYS radar.

Even the AOE communitys Im a part of never caught word of this.

Now let me be the one to say, I love AOE1, I adore it...I cant go every 8-9 months without reinstalling it just to hear its OST.I bought one of the first few hundred that came out when It was released cause I waited for it to come out in the stores, quickly playing the campaign and reading the history.
Actually I maybe wrong but
Its got a vibe that I dont know what catagory it fits in...

Thing is, nobody asked for this remaster, atleast in a serious sense.Hence the second title is an alterd version of: There is no ugly women, just not enough vodka.

AOE1 was a very crude and basic game, It was made TWENTY YEARS AGO, None of the units really "rotated" they were all moving gifs with stats that instantly turned from left to right.Hence the hardest AI kited you to oblivion with balistas,

Im fearfull to where the gaming Industry is headed if we're so drunk on nostalgia right now, luckily It seems theese are the same devs behind the AOE2 remaster and the extended expansions like Rajas.
Perhaps it could lead to stuff like that? There is space for it but we come to the biggest issue:

The age of empires community is pretty much the following:
Age of Empires 1 is played for nostalgia sake for it had the options in the settings to increase pathfinding (Not all PC's could handle the "high" setting)
There has been alot of custom maps for it for other historical events but not as many "fun" maps in my experiance.Still the community who actively plays it is pretty much dead.
Age of empires 2 was the peak of the franchise with most of the player base there and generally people stayed here.
Age of empires 3 brought with it home cities to customize and decks that could further alterate the gameplay with upgrades and units alongside reinforcements etc

Age of empries 3 isnt seen as a bad game by the majority of AOE fans but rather avoided for not being Age of empires 2 +++
Sort of like how people dont really resent Red alert 3 even if they dislike it because it doesnt give them the same feel as Red alert 2

So now theres this game, from what I saw this one has units that actually turn rather then instantly swapping.

Im actually curious on what the engine is as it seems like the AOM or maybe even the AOE3 engine...It certainly isnt the AOE1 engine lol, we arent in kansas anymore.

Cant say the art style stuck with me but maybe thats because everything is very "dark" and round.

What do you think? Do you see any good coming from this?

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