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4th General For Each Faction, Have anyone thought about it ?
post 3 Jun 2013, 19:47
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I don't want anyone to get me wrong,I just started this for fun,
I mean cmon guys spit out your Generals and their branches.

Also,have you,devs,thought sometimes about it,and are there some
generals or just general,you've scrapped in favour of those that are on their way ?
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post 3 Jun 2013, 20:33
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I think they are quite few options for making then WITHOUT repeating generals of shockwave and ZH
Anyway i'm making one:
Branch:ampibious assaults
Tactics:(this genereal will only suit if water units are make)this general center on water warfare.it have much beter ships and ampibious vehicles that enable him to do unpredecent surprise attack.his vehicles are all amphibious ,but are less armoured than other us generals.instead of rangers it have marines,and the airfleet can be refuel in his aircraft carrier
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post 3 Jun 2013, 20:42
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The Forums American Hotshot Flyboy
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If Im not mistaken there can be a set limit of Ai factions coded into sage, 15 I think cause I havent seen a mod with more too....

But for the fun stuff, dont know if this is such a spoiler or not but the set generals are from the Generals Beta, Not ZH Generals beta....Where there was Rangers in snowbikes and stuff, and campaign missions had little "Video transmisions" and briefing for missions.Of course that story had the americans and chineese fighting wich I doubt will be the case for ROTR

(I maybe wrong I dont write the lore nor does the great MARS give us spoilers)

With a ton of other planned but scraped stuff from that and ZH etc to make this mod awsome....

As for the post it self lets see...If we dont add the shockwave generals that are nonexistant then use them, If not....

The "unkneeling " General Steelarm
Stratigic orbital strikes and intellegence,
An expensive faction with relatively no maximum range but high cooldowns unless X units are bought to reuse gen powers....Most expensive elite units in the game, but slowest veterancy along with no advanced traning

United nations peacekeeping forces

Diffrent varity of calling forward units from every faction with airdrops like ECA does for a set amount of cash....
Units are sent in bulk, No production buildings,

Dozers build civilian structures rather then production buildings and somewhat (Maybe some code for autoroads? Hey I can dream biggrin.gif )
Civilian structures generate happiness or peace somewhat wich allows her to get UN airdrops randomly around her HQ for funding.As long as she gets good approval allowing her to get her airdrop power up faster....Making her unstopable without even needing to expand.If you upgrade your own made "Urban areas" then they give you free civilan structures or powers like the airport or refinary.Fun fact; Urban areas are garrisonable by infantry so if one blackhawk slips in and they attack the other neutral stuctures...
Maybe rank 5 is more then 1insurection around the map or a choosen factions strike force, Supereweapon is the same.Your allowed to use every sw but they have thier own cooldowns and they reset each time anothers used
Lorewise UN and other nations can have friednly fire incidents.... The leang of ROTR tongue.gif

Theese are just for fun, not to be considerd like he said....

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post 3 Jun 2013, 21:29
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Dangerous Eukaryote
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More awesome than an imploding star and a burning car combined

Faction - United States of America -
General George H. Smith
Branch- United States Army R&D
Tactics: Overbudget, overly technological, and excellent morale (because of all the documentaries he puts out overemphasizing their superior equipment)

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post 3 Jun 2013, 21:33
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QUOTE ((USA)Bruce @ 3 Jun 2013, 21:42) *
If Im not mistaken there can be a set limit of Ai factions coded into sage, 15 I think cause I havent seen a mod with more too....

That is correct although due to the we way we are going to implement the Generals, the 15 AI limit will be the least of our problems. Technically, our Generals won't be actual factions as they were in ZH, but merely elaborate upgrades that unlock an entire tech tree in game. Theoretically, we could add more than 15 pseudo sub-factions this way, although we'd still have the unchangeable 128 upgrade limit as well as the confines of game design. This thread might be interesting as a thought experiment though.
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post 3 Jun 2013, 21:54
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QUOTE (MARS @ 3 Jun 2013, 22:33) *
Theoretically, we could add more than 15 pseudo sub-factions this way, although we'd still have the unchangeable 128 upgrade limit as well as the confines of game design. This thread might be interesting as a thought experiment though.

The 128 upgrade is for each faction?there could be a lot of factions doing a sharing of some basic techs.i imagine a mod with 15 base factions with 4 generals each...that would be totally crazy( and awesome) mindfuck.gif

Also another general i think about:
Name:some polish name(don't know any,to say one poloski )
Branch:resistance to invader,asimetrical warfare
Tactics:a very different general comapare to other eca generals,poloski is one of the managers of the european resistance move.it has fast infantery and excellent ligth vehicles,but lack of heavy hitting units(no tanks)it also lack of any type of aircraft.horewer his infantery capture buildings extremely fast and it have strong(but not very resistant)defenses.barracks and other unit producers are mobile

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post 3 Jun 2013, 21:59
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If talking totally made up hypothetical Generals;

Asya “Wise Mother” Jaja

GLA: 3rd Wave Cell
Tactics: Populist Media
Restrictions: No 'Armour' or 'heavy' units
Boons: Cheap multi-tasking infantry, slightly cheaper Technicals and Battlebusses

A daughter of a sex-slave, and failed nigerian con-man in the Lords Resistance Army, Asya commands a significant splinter cell movement gaining traction in central and southern Africa. Her early years saw her brutalised via LRA millita soldiers before coming to steal a set of radio equipment and impersonating a persona of a leader within the LRA that allowed her to wield power in secret, eventually being able to send her tormentors on suicide missions before making a break for her freedom.

In escaping the Congo to travel south-east Africa and seeing the level of Chinese exploitation of local workers again used the power of hiding behind a radio mike to ferment unrest against Chinese overlords allowing a grass roots insurgency to form.

With people tuning in to her radio broadcasts and populist media she was able to gain a following of loyal civilians able to be directed to march on 'imperialist' projects and grow a 'free african' movement at the time when the GLA was reforming in northern africa. Rejecting traditional GLA power structures and ideology she commands an army of a splinter cell with its own purpose in the 'global liberation'...

Special Building:

Radio Tower:
Build limit: 1
'Wise Mother' power comes from her propaganda and ability to mobilise grass roots fighters to her cause. Controlling the airwaves is key in sending out the message, that can be used to influence the minds of her supporters. The Radio Tower functions similarly to the strategy centre in allowing the 3rd Wave cell to choose the nature of support that is granted to the cell.

Inspired Crusade:- +20% Damage Bonus
By covering skirmishes with a blow by blow account of individual soldiers heroics, she and her sub station reporters can inspire soldiers to fight ever harder for the cause.

Donations:- Radio station produces additional funds ($200 /10s)
By appealing to sympathisers around the world, the cell can crowd fund itself to purchase additional equipment for the battle.

Volunteers:- Radio station (automatically) produces (for free) Insurgent units
Manpower is needed for the global liberation, by calling for volunteers she can swell her infantry ranks.

Special Unit:
Where angry mobs need cohesion, Asya's fighters supplied with mobile phones and improvised weapons can fight as independent units. While physically much weaker than any formally trained solider the assortments of improvised weapons carried via random units can be effective against a range of different targets, from tanks and APCs, to garrisoned infantry. Although if at other times is little more than throwing rocks, or charging in with a machette.

With cheap manpower, other units like Rebels can start with better camouflage and ammunition upgrades.

With a lack of armoured units, the 3rd Wave cells relies on mass waves of infantry and shock tactics. While woefully vulnerable in the face of chemical agents, sniper fire, and automatic sentry guns, this is made up for via the ability to recruit vast numbers of fighters quickly and inspire them all beyond the level of even Chinese fanaticism. Cheapened 'scrap' equipment like technical and battlebusses allows these infantry units to get into battle quickly and make their mark.
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post 4 Jun 2013, 0:12
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You sir, in my eyes, have just won the internets.

For me personally, I've been very satisfied with the dev.Team developments, and I can't really make up my own general really, since most generals I would think up are probably what the devs. have come up.
Though, Vanilla Factions for me is something I slightly lament at, since I think when the final release comes, I'd prefer to play a "Vanilla" faction, and see what aspects I enjoy utilizing the most in combat, then select a general that highlights certain aspects I like from my experiences with Vanilla.

I'm surprised that this forum hasn't gone tangent with people doing a roleplay on if they were a general, they'd put their allegiance down and how their units would work with the doctrine.

The only real idea pitch I've done while playing with WorldBuilder and having my own tidbit of programming was designing a SOCOM faction, where most base funding was through drop zones, which was an upgrade to structures, removing the necessity and worry of early drive to hold down resource points, and only mid-late. the faction could be able to have traditional gathering means.
I just preferred a very Flexible combat force.
Had a little fun modifying the tomahawk and refitting the Firebase cannon on it to prevent tomahawk shoot downs lol.
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Joe Kidd
post 4 Jun 2013, 0:35
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Name: General Comr4de

Faction: Secret SWR taskforce

Army: elite programmers who can take control of enemy vehicles as well as devs that can mod the game.

Blue lazer tech


Tester squads with an intricate knowledge of the enemy's workings, trained in sabotage

An expert moderator from the red planet with mind control powers

A certain orange-haired admin serving as an elite, laser and telekinetic armed commando with a squad of moderators for backup.

Tactics: elite texan militia backed up by skilled coders and modders, income provide by community donations

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"You can't kill the Messiah..."
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post 4 Jun 2013, 1:56
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Orcinius Genocidalus
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No, you move.

US: General Norris
One unit.

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HMS Warspite
post 4 Jun 2013, 3:16
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Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship
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Hello, Admire-ral!

Name: Vivienne LeClerc
Faction: European Continental Army
Branch: French Army
Tactics: Garrisoned Infantry

-Reinforced Fortifications by default
-Fortifications can hold 1 extra soldier
-No Ammo Cache Fortification
-Assault APC (Has fireports that can only be activated when deployed)
-Defenses can be garrisoned by 1 soldier, but are a bit more expensive
-Transport Helicopter (Tiger Replacement, cannot attack, but can land and deploy like Assault APC)
-Field Command can be garrisoned by infantry (Note: While garrisoned, 1 less Excavator can be sheltered).
-Aircraft cost more (except for Transport Helicopter)
-Cannot field Tanks
-Bunker addon can hold 1 extra soldier
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post 4 Jun 2013, 4:00
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Ohoho I can see that you guys are getting better and better . . .
I'll give it a try with two I thought before making this thread :


General Grzegorz "Lis" Kałuża
Polish Resistance Commander in Chief

After Poland first succumbed to Russian aggression only thing left of Polish Army were scattered
heavily demoralized Resistance groups throughout country,but man by the name of Grzegorz Kałuża,
managed to lift morale of not only remaining army but even ordinary people of all sexes and ages.
He guided his men into the sabotage of Russian supply lines and vehicle columns numerous times
with great success,leaving Russians to wonder were Poles really defeated ?
One of his biggest achievements was blowing up of bridge which was crossed by the Sentinel column,
using just handful of men,scaring Russians away to take alternate route longer by few hundred of
kilometers just to be lured into the minefields Kałuża's men prepared earlier.

His actions didn't passed unnoticed by the ECAs headquarters,although main command firstly regarded
Poland as a Lost Land,they realized they were wrong,since this man can handle "barefoot and naked" men
into the unexpected triumphs they decided to put him in charge of more conventional forces.

Nevertheless Kałuża never abandoned his "Wolfs",how he would call them,he just made them stronger,
with thing on their mind that he is promoted and that they would get military support most of the ECA members get.

His courageous actions gave glimmer of hope to Czech combatants that got themselves into the similar situation Poles did,
he later got to command them too.

Special units/powers/upgrades:

Ryś LUV - Fast light attack vehicle replacing Pandur,does similar role,but it is not amphibious and have lighter armor.
Militia Squad - Squad based infantry unit similar to Angry Mob or Volunteer squad,using phased Beryl's,
can lay low becoming stealthed,but cannot attack while in this stance.
Sokół Multipurpose Chopper - Kałuża's forces seized limited number of these during "Malbork Air Force Base Raid",
used for scouting,transport of 4-5 soldiers,can used as a Supply Collector (requires Deployment Zone and can be built only there),rocket pod upgrade.
Vulcan AT Mine - Planted by the excavator,works in similar way as Demo Trap,it would stop most of vehicles if pass directly on it,but does not
have big splash radius,it focus all of its blast energy upwards vehicle hull.


Commander Ardit Rexhepi "Uncle Rexha"
GLAs Black Market Operations Man in Charge

Born in village near Tetovo,Ardit spent just first two years of his life there before moving to Switzerland with his family,
although problematic child,he applied to the French Foreign Legion at the age of nineteen,he was accepted and passed requirements,
but just few years later he was kicked from there because of unknown reasons.

Without job,left with just a ill father,and younger brother,other two
started practicing Jihad and joined Al-Qaeda and later GLA,he was apparently left with no choice but to start life of crime.
It didn't took to long before he was put in prison,this time it was "Carcere di Firenze Sollicciano" prison in Italy.
He spent six years there,plus another one he got because of incident he made at his first year.He made himself a name in drug dealing circles,
while there and after release,it didn't passed too much until he got himself in job with weapons.
Decade later he became one of the most feared figure of the European underground,but he was not restricted only to the European underground,
he had good connections in South Asia,Mideast and Ex-Soviet Republics due to his brothers activity there.

It didn't took to long when he caught eye of GLA command,his skills of transporting opium from the Afghanistan all the way to the Scandinavia,UK
and Iberian Peninsula,and weapons from the Bulgaria,Ex-Yugoslavia,Hungary to the Mideast,Africa,South America,without getting caught in years,
didn't passed unnoticed,GLA needed him although they had both of his brothers,they didn't rate them nearly as him despite their years of fighting
for the cause,they needed man like Ardit,and they decided to get him.

One morning police razed his doors and entered his mansion near Ajaccio,he was quite calm,knowing they don't have nothing against him.
He replied : "You are gonna charge me for parking ?" One of the policemen punched him in the face,he just looked to him with grin and broken nose,
thinking : "Today me,tomorrow your family".

He went to the interrogation room relaxed,almost certain that it would take maybe just a few minutes until he head home,but then something went
terribly wrong,they kept asking him about drug deals in Afghanistan,arming of Hamas in Gaza Strip,numbers of assassinations,kidnappings and dozens other.
They kept bringing lot of files,with lot of jobs Ardit thought no one more than him can know,since he took car of all witnesses.
He couldn't hide his shock,but decided to act calm,since they didn't had any hard evidence.
After more than eight long hours,he was released since he didn't said anything,with main inspector shouting at him :
"I got you now scum ! You can't hide now !"

He realized that he got to lay low for some time,when the call from one of his brothers arrived,calling him to came to him.
Ardit accepted his invitation and started doing business outside Europe,in the more hot part of the world,GLAs territory . . .

Year 2028 was year when Rexha became one of GLAs favorites,he was one of the most influental figures in supplying GLA during their
occupation of Germany,whole Europe was in chaos,making his weapon dealing and transporting job even easier.
After both of his brothers were killed by the hands of ECA troops,he became bitter enemy of that organization.
It was first time since his time in the FFL that he grabbed the rifle and went to the war . . .

After GLA defeat in Germany he found haven in the Central Africa,there he started his life from the scratch . . .
Only this time as one of the GLAs most fearsome fighters.

Special units/powers/upgrades:

Basic infantry units are better equipped than those used by other generals
Rebel - Can switch between shotgun and RPD,can't use Molotov's.
Tunnel Defender - Uses stronger RPG,can throw grenades.
Hijacker - It is armed.
AP Bullets - Upgrade exclusive to him.
Ammo Truck - Non-Combat unit that increases firepower of nearby units.It explodes violently.
Opium Cloud - General Power,affected infantry starts fighting harder and heal themselves during the effect.
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post 4 Jun 2013, 7:20
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I quite like the idea of a Polish ECA General with a resistance theme. This could also includes units from Finland and the Czech Republic since we kinda have the same explanation for their in-game absence as well; they're knee deep in Russians and decided to defend their land rather than moving with the frontline.

Now, since I already know what's coming for the Generals, I can't really add much, but here's some random ideas I would have had if we were thrown back in time to the moment our team took over:

- Add a non-Russian Russian General (Like a Serb, Kazakh or Belorussian) to represent Russia's allies from Eastern Europe/Central Asia. Their equipment would be cheaper than the vanilla stuff, but also less powerful, adding a bit of a China feel with nationally modified T-72 as well as a few Western weapons that were purchased before the US/ECA left these countries to their own devices. Unlike Russia, there would be a stronger emphasis on individual upgrades (radically different variants of base vehicles) and manual abilities. There could also be a bit of a guerilla theme with stealth and booby traps, but not to the extent of the GLA.
- Expand Charles' Fire Support theme to Commonwealth Support. This is mostly a cosmetic thing to justify the addition of units from India, Australia, New Zealand etc. while keeping his gameplay theme of air/ranged support.
- Expand Willem's theme to Peace Keeper. Keep the focus on defences and logistics but add more units that are based around keeping other units alive as well as a more visible civilian component (e.g. war reports, news drones)
- Aleksandr's new theme would be a mix of futuristic prototypes (Tesla weapons), radical reinterpretations of old weapons (e.g. surplus T-34 converted into drones) and rare equipment that didn't enter mass production (e.g. Berkut, BMPT)
- Turn Bradley into a 'proper' USMC General with lighter but highly mobile amphibious units working in tandem with heavy infantry. Add an Army General with a focus on heavy tanks and artillery.
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post 4 Jun 2013, 7:40
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I had similar idea about 4th Russian general,something like Reserves General,
but idea that 4th would represent some of the Russian European Satellite countries seems better,
but I think that it would be better that he represents some confederation of Bulgaria,Romania,Serbia,Russian Ukraine,Belarus rather than one country.
They would use scaled down Russian equipment,with some indigenous units such some non existing versions of Orao's/IARs,Puma Choppers etc...
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post 4 Jun 2013, 8:32
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Armageddon is here..............

Name: Romanov
Faction: Russia
Branch: Black Elite Guard.
Tactics: Heavy elite units. Quality over quantity.

Summary: He is one of many generals responsible to the defenses of Russian teritories in case of an ECA raiding on the motherland while other Generals are fighting in europe. He's also used many experimental weapons developed by the R&D corp as well as those made by his own force's engineers. His force is very few in numbers, but most of his troops are veterans of many conflicts. His newly formed Black Elite Guard haven't seen big combat yet, but that may change since the bulk of the Russian army is loosing against the joint Euro-American forces.

Can't think much of a story. I'm not good at this, sorry.

Special units/powers/upgrades:

Have Black Guards infantry instead of conscripts. Highly expensive but much more durable and can deploy to use an autocannon that can attack both ground and air targets. Cost 285 each. Can capture buildings without the building capture upgrade.

AT-Black Guards utilized a fictional specific recoiless rifle that can shoot through multiple targets in a straight line instead of RPG and the shot is uninterceptable by PDL, ECM.... Again, cost more and cannot attack aircrafts. Cost 400 each.

Igla trooper is not available.

New units, called Crazy Ivan. Basically like it's RA2 counterpart, but can throw thermobaric grenades at enemy troops. Can clear garrisoned buildings with said grenades. Throw time bombs at buildings and vehicles. Cost 1000 each.

New commando that replaced Boris. Known as "Fanatic Firestorm". Have a flamethrower attached to his AK rifle that can easily incinerate enemy troops and light vehicles. Have an AA missile pot to attack aircrafts. Immuned to radiation and toxin as well as sniper but not EMP since he's wearing an experimental power armor. Cost 2000 and can only have one on the battlefield at a time.

No mass production upgrade.

Kodiak tank is replaced by the custom made T-100 Titan heavy MBT. Still cost 1300, but is built slower. Have the same stats of the kodiak but have more armor. Fire faster with the Modernized Auto-loader upgrade.

Tunguska is replaced by a fictional AA vehicle. Known as "Thunderer". Fire heavy dual autocannons that does heavy damage and can launch a barrage of 16 AA missiles at enemy aircrafts with the launch missile ability which is an upgrade . Very fast and highly durable compared to the Tunguska, but cannot engage ground units. Cost 1200 each.

BMP is replaced by BMPT. Cost 1000 each. Have dual autocannons, 2 grenade launchers and 2 thermobaric missile launchers that can clear garrisioned buildings. Can transport only 4 infantry units. BMPT is more durable than BMP.

Tesla tank/Buratino is not available.

MSTA can load earthshaker rounds to disable enemy vehicles.

Coalition gun upgrade is not available.

Old FROG-7 rocket launcher is back. Can be loaded with nuclear warhead for 500$ each vehicle. Rocket is interceptable. Cost 2000 each and requires a GP to unlock.

Hind is back with this General. He also have the Havoc at start instead of Hokum. His Havoc cannot attack aircrafts, however.

New units called Kirov Battleships. Is floating in the sky, have heavy armor but is very slow. Have a giant gun turret, 2 pairs of miniguns and loads of thermobaric missiles. Cost 6000 each.

He doesn't use arms dealers, but build arms production facilities as second-eco. Function like Black Market.

Frogfoot cost more, 2850$ each. Berkut remained mostly the same but no longer have the autocannon. It have a much faster reload time, however.

Explosive Reactive Armor is available from the start.

Tesla Coil and RPG tower is not available.

Each Kashtan can purchase the ATGM upgrade for a cost of 500$. This upgrade will allow the Kashtan turret to attack enemy armor vehicles effectively with 2 pairs of ATGM.

Dozer can quickly build trenches that can hold up to 10 Infantry units at the same time. The garrisoned troops can fire outside. The trench functions just like a Firebase without a cannon. Meaning that infantry in the trenches is highly vulnerable compared to the Bunker used by Orlov and China.

A new fictional vehicle replaced the MPT-4. It is called "Advance Field Support Vehicle" which is an unmanned vehicle. Since lost Black Guard's vehicles cannot be recovered upon destruction unlike other army units, the FSV have no recover ability. Instead, it have a much bigger repair radius and a chaingun to defend itself against enemy Infantry. Can deploy to become a repair crane that is treated as a structure, which have even bigger repair radius. But it cannot undeploy back once this have been done. The chaingun will disappear after this.

Advance chemical armor upgrade : Increase all Infantry units durability by 15%. Grant imunity to toxin and radiation for Black Guard infantry units. Cost 3000$.


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We Die Standing.
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post 4 Jun 2013, 10:28
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That's also an interesting idea - An elite faction that is kind of like a non-villainous mirror version of Aleksandr's Shock Divisions, although story-wise, Orlov and Zhukov kinda fill that purpose in canon at least.
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post 4 Jun 2013, 10:37
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Here's my ideas for generals and any changes to others:

- A Russian General focused on heavy assaults and vehicles in general and is part of the 20th Guards Army while Zhukov (or his specialty) gets moved to another part of the Russian Army and focuses more on artillery in general and not just splashy missles.
- A French General for the ECA focused heavily on Infantry, doesn't need much explaining, would also have a focus on lighter vehicles similar in the way that France had mostly light vehicles in the Cold War (but still had maybe the Leopard and the Manticore option).
- Likewise with what MARS said; Bradley or his position at least gets turned into a lighter force that is able to project very quickly while a US Army general is focused on heavier combat (maybe gets a more powerful tank than the Paladin, possibly between the Overlord or Sentinel due to uses more advanced weaponry and Armor than just being big) and gets vehicles like the Ground Combat Vehicle which can shrug off demo traps and hold alot of troops in them. Another choice would be a high-tech general with very advanced equipment such as experimental energy weapons that can take out various targets in several hits. Though overall I would have made the US more advanced than now but not as much as ShockWave Laser and Superweapons, such as making Thorn's Infantry have exoskeletons and flechette rifles.

Not sure about the GLA and China in general, they've got their themes covered well right now.

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post 4 Jun 2013, 10:58
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I'd find a general whose gameplay mechanic revolves around units gaining veterancy for extensive bonuses, not just simple damage and rate-of-fire increases with red muzzle flashes, in reflection of the ideas of small, 'elite' armies pitched above, incredibly interesting.

The idea would be to start off with fairly average units that once reach the first level of veterancy, become incredibly good and very survivable to where the older your units are on the battlefield, the more dominating they will be.

Not sure how it would work though balance wise, but the Upgrade_Veterancy_TYPE upgrades really do work wonders when modding.

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post 4 Jun 2013, 12:19
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Heh, this one is easy:

GLA: General Hassan. Tactics: Assassination. Picks off your army with snipers and hidden weapons while they are still being produced.

China: General Chi-Po. Tactics: Zerg Rush. His units are so cheap that they have negative production costs. More men at his disposal than most armies have bullets.

Russia: Cosmonaut General Nikita Putinsky. Tactics: Orbital Bombardment. Bombards his enemies from extreme distances with protocols and artillery. All units are in orbit.

USA: General Bruce McClane. Tactics: One man army. Has plot armour, so he will never die.

ECA: General Merkel. Tactics: Economic Warfare. Imposes crippling austerity measures on other factions, forcing them to cut military spending, so you can't build any units or research any upgrades.

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post 4 Jun 2013, 12:20
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Armageddon is here..............

QUOTE (MARS @ 4 Jun 2013, 11:28) *
That's also an interesting idea - An elite faction that is kind of like a non-villainous mirror version of Aleksandr's Shock Divisions, although story-wise, Orlov and Zhukov kinda fill that purpose in canon at least.

Thank you laugh.gif The idea of the Black Guard was from RA2, which was the 4 Black Elite Apocalypse guarding around the Kremlin. I love that mission biggrin.gif

While it's true that both Orlov and Zhukov have filled that purpose, they are fighting in Europe and we're known that there are more Generals than just the 3 of them. It wouldn't be much of an inconsistent with the story for a defensive General that haven't took any part in the invasion of europe to exist, IMO at least wink.gif

I will try to think about a US or ECA general next.

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post 4 Jun 2013, 12:30
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I noticed just [u]ONE[/u] lacking in ECA;

Prince George VI of Hanover
Faction: ECA
Branch: Air Force
Tactics: Heavy Air Support and Paratrooper Divisions

Story: Due to the near-wipeout of ECA's Air Force, what's left of it is enough to be commanded by one general. Born in the well-regarded and affluent family of the Hannover lineage, in a young age, he was immediately captivated by service on the Royal Air Force when an Air Force Colonel took his father, Prince Christian of Hanover, accompanied them in their official visit to RAF Base Northolt. Due to his family's influence, he managed to skip through the position ladders quite easily, and by the time he was 45, he became Deputy Commander (Operations) of the entire Royal Air Force. Due to the sudden death of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Operations, he took the position, just in time when ECA aircraft were destroyed right on their bases at Mainland Europe. Now, he commands the only remaining dedicated Air Units ECA has, plus 2 division's worth of Paratrooper regiments of the Royal Army, plus the entire Royal Air Force Regiment as his personal guard on his airbases. When things went badly for the ECA, he was granted temporary control of the entire air force arsenal of the ECA.

Exclusive General's Powers:

Paratrooper Drop: Sends either one, two or three transport aircraft to send out paratroopers. A plane consists of 5 Felin Riflemen, 5 Panzerfausts, a medic, an engineer, and two Lynxes.

Commando Drop: Reloads much faster now.

Mjollnir Protocol: Allows the construction of Black Widow Field Support Helicopter. Arms Vulcan bombers with Pandora-class Nuclear bombs, armor and health of every air units enhanced by 25%. Harriers replaced by Panavia Tornado Fighter-Bombers and Tiger replaced with AgustaWestland Apache.

Exclusive Units:

Black Widow Field Support Helicopter: Fascinated by the effectiveness of Helix attack groups in the previous Global War against GLA, Britain decided to take it "up to eleven" with the prototypical Black Widow. On the outside, it looks like nothing more than a heavily converted Chinook helicopter. But there is more into this than meets the eye. Nano-robots swarming below this helicopter repair any vehicle underneath its area and effect, and if the situation warrants, can form a nigh-invincible barrier to protect the Black Widow. It has two 20mm Miniguns as its basic weapon, and its roomy interior could be converted to a mini-AWACS platform (giving it extreme line-of-sight), a battle bunker where ten men could fit and fire upon enemies below, or be converted into a Hellfire Missile Launcher. Due to the it being a prototype, and the lack of flyable Chinook airframes within the Royal Air Force, only one could be fielded in battle.

Panavia Tornado Fighter-Bomber: Luckily for the Royal Air Force, its stock of Panavia Tornado IDS (Interdiction/Strike) wasn't hit by the surprise Russian Attack. Instead of the more common Brimstone Missile, Prince George's most elite pilots use the rarer and the more long-ranged Nimrod Missile, which has been licensed to be manufactured by BAE Systems several years before Israel decided to turn its back against the outside world. It has better range than the Brimstone, and due to its smaller size, the Tornado could carry eight of them, nearly double the amount Harriers could carry. Although they have the same warhead (and therefore the same damage), this shows that sometimes, Quantity beats Quality.

AgustaWestland Apache: Taking into consideration of the Tiger's weakness against massed anti-air infantry, Prince George opted to use the Apaches instead, earning him poisonous looks from other ECA Generals. Although largely unused in the modern 21st century, the Apache still packs a punch with its 8-shot Hellfire missiles. It also has a machinegun, and has an automatic chaff dispenser found in most American aircraft.

"The biggest problem of humanity is that it sees the failures first before the successes."

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post 4 Jun 2013, 12:41
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A French foreign legion general for the ECA focuses on heavy infantry (could also fit well with the theme of the Resistance general i read somewhere on this page).

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post 4 Jun 2013, 13:33
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No, you move.

I'll take this seriously.

General Johnathan Smith: RDECOM.
Uses prototype units mothballed and sent into storage, Powerful, but extremely reliant on his tech tree, Without higher-end units, all he can do is desperate hold off more finished forces while he builds up to fight back.

Succesful Prototypes are to be finished and put into use, failed ones aren't.

Building: Field Research Facility: 4000$: Unlocks Tier IV (If Strategy center is considered Tier III) tech, requires Strategy Center, Only one buildable.

Units: Elite Guard: 800$: Elite Infantry with prototype powered exoskeleton, advanced training, and the latest in information warfare, Uses a Coilgun-type mass accelerator cannon for tanks and a minature L.A.S.E.R. TIV
Story: The end result of the "Future Soldier" Program, the Elite Guard carries a L.A.S.E.R. rifle and is currently equipped with an additional Coilgun as an anti-tank weapon to engage lighter GLA tanks head on. It's L.A.S.E.R. is reverse engineered from weapons taken from captured units under the rogue general townes.
Best Infantry, requires serious micro not to end up shooting laser at tanks or tank shells at infantry.

Templar Tank, 2300$: heavy tank, capable of hovering at the cost of loss of it's main cannon, the system takes far more power than the crusader. TIV
Story: A heavy high-end version of the Crusader, Had it's budget cut for being "Overkill" against the GLA. Against the Russian Federation however, it's combination of raw power and speed allows it to simply bypass the massive Sentinel and Golem tanks that russian generals expect it to attack head on, and flank right behind it's enemies and destroy their artillery in seconds.
Beats a golem in a straight fight loses to a sentinel, Hover-Mode about the same speed as the Crusader's. Encourages "Shock and Awe" sudden attacks before turning tail, activating the hover, and running.

Mohawk II Gunship: 2000$ Twin-Rotor gunship armed with 4 missile pods, has two PDL systems onboard and a single long-reload missile that outranges defenses and the twin fang. TIV
Story: Designed to counter the prevalience of anti-air in the GLA arsenal, it's PDL makes stinger missiles pointless and it's cruise missile lets it attack from outside any ballistic weapon's range, Mothballed because well, it was just plain unlucky.
Allows you to pressure someone who sits behind piles of AAA, I hate AAA

Defender Drone: 1800$: Anti-Air drone armed with a solid-state laser, Must recharge batteries after firing 10 shots, Can only charge while deployed. can fire without deploying. TIV
Story: Advanced Anti-Air drone designed to counter the use of GLA suicide airplanes attacks, mothballed because of it's overpriced nature for a drone, not to mention AAA operators threatening to strike.
Can shoot down targets while moving, but has to recharge it's laser while standing still, as usual it's better on defense, but it's still usable in attacks if you can keep it recharged or cycle multiple systems

Vangaurd Drone: 900$: Minesweeper drone, is actually damaged by mines but has a small grenade launcher that fires canister rounds to detonate mines, can obviously detect said mines. TII
Story: Meant as a counter to Demotraps, Mothballed as offensive attacks against American enemies isn't forseen in the visible future.
Shoots up minefields, nothing to say here.

Lightning II Fighter: 2500$: Jet with what's basically a Chaparral's weapons Tier IV.
Story: Mothballed for it's exorbant production cost, the Lightning II returns to service as a dedicated Anti-Air platform.
Solves the usual overkill problem by jets, it's also a plane that fires bigger, more awesome, missiles.

Building: 3000$ AAC Construction Center. (Effectively a Tier V production building)
Unit: Reagan Class Airborne Aircraft Carrier: 10000$: Carries 20 drone gunships.
Because awesome
It's a large vehicle consisting of a large bay and command center between two different blimps, it's scary-huge and scary-awesome.

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post 4 Jun 2013, 13:39
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QUOTE (dangerman1337 @ 4 Jun 2013, 11:37) *
- A Russian General focused on heavy assaults and vehicles in general and is part of the 20th Guards Army while Zhukov (or his specialty) gets moved to another part of the Russian Army and focuses more on artillery in general and not just splashy missles.

That sounds interesting as well. As I would imagine, Zhukov's theme could still be Tactical Ballistics, but with full emphasis on artillery (including mortars, howitzers, rockets and missiles) with a variety of fire solutions (MRSI, volleys of X rockets, precision fire, spread bombardment, walking barrage) and more nukes while the new General could be summed up as Breakthrough Assault, fielding advanced -conventional- weapons (i.e. no Aleks style lightning or rocket rifles) such as the Armata family on the one end of the scale and larger numbers of cheaper Soviet-era reserves (T-72s, Shilkas, BMP-2s, BRDMs, etc.) on the other, along with masses of infantry that largely act as a meatshield/screening force.
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post 4 Jun 2013, 15:29
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Name: Emerson H. Gallagher
Rank: General: 2 Star
Tactics: Networked Battlefield

Emerson H. Gallagher was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during 1994 to a single mother . Though his mother was a journalist, Gallagher's two uncles who worked in Computer fields made him deeply interested in computer technology. Gallagher graduated from college in 2017 with his own computer science degree, and joined the US Army shortly after. When the first GLA insurrections began, the US military restarted a number of advanced battlefield research projects to help fight an unorganized and fractured enemy, from anti-missile lasers to battlefield command networks. Gallagher's unit was the first to receive personnel versions on the Future Force Warrior [FFW] equipment, a program that was supposed to link all soldiers, vehicles, aircraft, and other equipment together and create one large interconnected battle force. However, Gallagher and the other soldiers found these bulky and ineffective. Intrigued by the promise of the FFW program, Gallagher began quietly experimenting on the equipment while back at base.

Fast forward to 2037.
After surviving the war, Gallagher continued his career in the military, bringing his modifications and the reviews of other men in the unit to the creators attention. Gallagher's advancements set him on the fast track to the high brass, and in 2036, he received a promotion to 2 star general at the young age of 43. When the Russian Federation invaded ECA lands, Gallagher's forces were ordered to prepare their equipment for the possibility of another war. With the massive amounts of collateral damage seen during the 2003 Iraq/Afghanistan and GLA wars, the US Military has been steadily moving towards a more accurate fighting force. As a test force, Gallagher's units reflect this.

General Gallagher commands the Ninth US Army, a force dedicated to the testing and advancement of advanced military equipment nearly ready for full deployment.

*Does not use Drones on Units
*Networks units for increased damage, speed, sight range (Networked) (requires Network Relay)
*All un-replaced units remain the same
*Very Reliant on Networking to increase effectiveness, would take more than the average micro

Rifleman $250
Replaces Ranger
Increased damage/speed in groups of 6 or more (similar to Horde Bonus)

Missile Trooper $350
Replaces missile soldier
Uses AGM-189 Griffon-II Missile
Increased damage vs. vehicles
No collateral damage, very little damage vs. infantry

Gunner $500
Uses Light Machine Gun
When deployed, increases damage, can suppress infantry (lowers speed, sight range considerably)

Computer Technician $700
Armed with Automatic Pistol
Uses Laptop to capture structures 25% faster than Rifleman
Must be next to structure (unlike Black Lotus)
Can deploy into Networker (detect stealthed units in moderate range, supply moderate network buff) $300

Replaces Humvee
Small AOE, Only Infantry in AOE recieve small damage buff
Armed with Machine Gun, Upgrade to TOW-V Launcher
Carries 3 infantry
30% increased resistance to explosions compared to vanilla Humvee

DEW Stryker Same Price as Avenger
Replaces Avenger
Uses same laser values as Avenger
Starts with 1 Anti-Air [AA] Laser and 2 Anti-missile [AM] lasers ($500 for both)
Can be Upgraded with second AA laser or third AM laser

M-1302 $900
Replaces Crusader
Increased damage, range
Lower speed, no hover mode, higher cost

NLOS-C $1100
Replaces Tomahawk
Faster Firing rate, increased range (vs. guided tomahawk mode)
Lower Damage, No tracking

Network Blackhawk $1600
Replaces Blackhawk
Unarmed, Cannot Transport units
Massive AOE
All Network units in AOE receive 10% speed increase, 20% damage increase, 15% Sight range/detection increase.
Effect stacks up to 2 Blackhawks, with values becoming 20%, 20%, 20% respectively.

Super-Osprey $1400
Replaces Chinook
Armed with a belly-mounted Griffon missile launcher
Can Carry 1 vehicle or 8 infantry

Networking Relay Same Price
Replaces Detention Camp
Allows Networking to Begin
Holds the Vanilla Upgrades

Targeting Laser $1300 Structure
Performs same function as Protector targeting relay, but at a greater range (protectors can be farther away from Laser than from protector that is relaying)

Instead of the standard destruction super-weapon, Gallagher's would increase the effectiveness of all his forces immensely for a period of time, or moderately at all times the structure exists.

Possibly change that TWO strategies can be selected at Strategy center, but both only apply to networked units (apply to all structures regardless)

Navigation Upgrade $2000
All units receive a permanent 10% speed increase, but are unaffected by network speed buff

Support Network $5000
Lowers all support power cool-downs by 30 seconds

Support Powers

Coming soon... I don't have my creative works notebook in front of me, that's where I keep all my creations. These are all off the cuff.

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