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READ BEFORE POSTING, Suggestion Forum Rules
post 22 Feb 2014, 19:38
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Anubis version:

To keep this from being a tl;dr topic - there are 3 major rules you must follow if posting here:

1 - READ the damn mod description/faction descriptions so you don't end up posting retarded stuff.

2 - Keep it civilized and don't make you're ideas something we MUST ABSOLUTELY add. If we find it interesting we might add it, if not move on with your life.

3 - DO NOT start suggesting basic crap like - hey how about a big tank with big guns that does big damage. We will ignore that from the start.

And a semi-rule - don't be a Troll. You will unleash epic amounts of rage mindfuck.gif .

Follow this rules and we are all friends.

Civilized version:

Even though we're open for cool ideas and stuff from the community, we still have some small rules for ideas and suggestions being posted here.

1. Do not post questions here.This place is for ideas and suggestions. If you have anything unclear with our mod, post them in the main forum.
2. Do not post your new suggestions in someone else topic. Same apply for your previous suggestion topics.
3. See or search if your suggestion asked already. Don't post the same thing already suggested or if something similar already asked.

General Guidelines:

1. Please consider the extreme limitation of the ZeroHour Engine.
2. Keep the topic title and summary short and clear. Nobody wants to read tl;dr essay paragraphs about a simple unit.
3. Post only serious suggestions! Any dumb suggestions will be deleted right away.
4. See the gameplay aspect first, lore or rule of cool comes later.
5. If your suggestion or idea was already rejected, it's unlikely to be accepted no matter how many times you revise and post it again.

Replying Guidelines:

1. Do not post something simple like just "indeed", "agree", or "I don't like it". Build more constructive response.
2. Do not reply in a suggestion topic that already have clear verdict (accepted/denied).
3. Do not necro or revive an already dead thread.
4. Do not discuss about real life correctness. For example "Crusader uses 125mm smoothbore, not 105mm.", or "Emperor tank should be twice as big as your mom -class.", or "Lasers does not work that way!".


Unit Suggestions Guidelines:

1. When suggesting a new unit (or base defense), make sure you include:
- the unit name,
- its weapons and abilities,
- niche it fills, and
- short description about the unit

2. Do not name the unit "(insert name here)" or "some kind of support vehicle". If you can't think a name, just make something up. Names are easily changed.
3. Avoid naming a unit that only its model code (e.g. T-34, XV22, F-1337, etc). Think up for a call name.
4. Prevent suggesting a unit that already in the game or essentially have similar niche. There's no need for a faction having 3 different type of MBTs.
5. Ideas about a faction's missing niche are really welcomed.

Unit Suggestions No-gos:
1. No cameo units.
2. No aliens, zombies, or evil robot army. Generally everything that not fits in CNC/Generals universe.

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