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Forum Rules
We have formulated the following set of rules to make your forum experience a smooth and enjoyable one. Please take the time to read and understand the rules as they are as much to preserve the atmosphere of our forums as they are of everyone's enjoyment.
The Rules may be subject to change at any time. In all cases, the Forum Management's decision is final.

1. Suggestions.

Before all else, do understand that suggestions for any of the projects of SWR are not wanted right now. Please do not open a topic to write suggestions and please do not add suggestions to an existing topic.

2. Posting.

It is common sense, but we ask that you remain on topic at all times. If you would like to discuss a subject that interests you then please feel free to create a new topic of your own.

3. Topic Post Dates.

If a topic has not received any new replies after a period of a month from the date of the last post then there is usually a good reason why and nothing more is left that remains to be said. We ask that you do not post in old topics for this reason. Breaking this rule may result in a caution or warning. Pinned Topics are exempt from this rule.

4. Spam.

Where appropriate, non-sensical posting can be amusing. However, spam is not amusing to those who wish to have a deep and meaningful discussion as it provides no intelligible insight. Therefore we ask that you respect others and use The Loony Bin, which caters for all of your spamming needs.

5. Opinions/Equality.

Opinions are just that: opinions. No one's opinion is better than anyone else's so we ask you to please be mindful of how this affects another user when entering into a discussion with them regarding a topic or burning issue.

6. Political and religious discussions.

Political, religious etc. discussions are forbidden.
This also extends its way to profile statements, forum signatures and avatars.
You can still use an avatar of a political or religious figure as long as you don't use this to force political statements or believes upon other users on the forum.

7. Personal attacks/flaming.

We endeavour to make the forums a fun place for all, thus we absolutely do not abide by any form of personal attack on our Members. Depending on the severity of the offence, a caution, suspension or warning may be given.

8. WareZ/Piracy.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials, thus it has no place on our forums. Contravening this rule may result in a caution, suspension or warning.

9. Pornography/shock imagery.

We are running a forum that we would be proud to present to our parents, so pornography and gruesome imagery do not belong here. Any infringement of this rule will result in a warning.

10. Signatures.

Signatures may not exceed a width of 700 pixels or a height of 350 pixels. Any signature found to exceed the limit will be removed immediately by a Moderator. Any attempt to restore a signature after it has been removed may result in a caution.

11. Cautions, Suspensions, Warnings, and Bans.

We view warn Level increases and Bans as a last resort as we believe everyone has something to offer our forums.
A caution is when a user is verbally reprimanded by a Moderator, but the user's Warn Meter is not altered. Depending on the nature and severity of the offence, however, a warning may be given.
As an alternative to a Warn Level increase the Moderating Team may decide to suspend a user's posting permissions for as such time as it is necessary reflecting the nature of the offence.
Warnings will lead to an increase of the user's Warn Level from 0% to 50% depending on the severity of the offence. A second Warn Level increase from 50% to 100% will result in a permanent ban from the forums.
Cautions, suspensions, warnings and bans are judged on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Moderating Team.
Ban evasion (the act of creating a new account when a former one was banned) is punishable by a ban and so is any further act of ban evasion.
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