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The Old ZH Generals, and what happened to them
post 28 Sep 2012, 18:59
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Old ZH Generals Situation

General Townes

Months before “Deep Impact”, General Townes was put in charge of a huge project, code named: “Archangel”. This was basically a giant space laser gun. While the gun was fired in time and successfully hit the meteor, the result was unexpected. Due to some unidentified metals within the meteor composition, instead of being destroyed completely, the meteor was only broken into 5 smaller pieces. Sadly one of the pieces hit American mainland relatively close to Townes's base of operation. His body was found under piles of rubble. His place was later taken by another freak of sciences, this time of Canadian origins, General Francis Daguerre.

General Alexander

General Alexander was among the first to realize that Project Archangel might not go as planned. She kept her forces under high alert, and immediately after the trajectory of the 5 pieces was calculated, she ordered a massive retreat to the Canadian border. In the aftermath of the impact she organized the takeover of Canada. After the takeover she retired from being a General and became the Defense Secretary for the AC, keeping close control over the newly formed AC army.

General Granger

More than half of the US air force was destroyed in Deep Impact. The Atlantic naval fleets suffered heavy losses with almost all their carriers being destroyed. General Granger was on board one of the carriers. They say at the time he was supervising a secret plane project.

General Ironside

Last known location: Africa, considered dead with no data available after Deep Impact.

General Kwai

General Kwai and his famous tank battalion was vaporized in the failed invasion of WEA controlled Europe. Ironically, the place where he died became very fertile farmland.

General Fai

General Fai led the ADF counter attack against AC invaders in South Korea. I wish I could tell you that Fai fought the good fight, and the AC let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but war is no fairy-tale world. His famous last words were: “Men? Where are my men?”.

General Tao

Tao retired from the military 1 year before the morning revolts in 2047. He died 3 years later from cancer. All the wonderful GLOW finally caught up with him.

General Leang

General Leang retired from military service in 2050. She opened a shop somewhere in China that specialized in making cheap near identical copies of existing products.

GLA Deathstrike

Deathstrike’s last known location was Africa, no further data available. Rumors suggest that he’s the new leader of the WLF known only as “The Avenger”.

General Juhziz

Juhziz was hiding in a hotel in Mali when the meteor hit. In the end, he went out with a BANG.

Prince Kassad

Many people believed that Kassad somehow managed to survive Deathstrike’s assault during the Zero hour conflict. However the AC finally found his body exactly where it should have been 30 years ago. Apparently it was “stealth”.

Dr. Thrax

Dr. Thrax was killed by the joint assault of Ironside and Deathstrike during the zero hour conflict. His place was taken later by his daughter, who he named, with cold humor, Anne. Dr. Anne Thrax was declared missing or dead after the events of Deep Impact. No further data is available about her.

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