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SWR Productions Forum _ Generals/Zerohour Modding _ SHW and ROTR launchers

Posted by: vanari (Richard Váňa) 3 Aug 2018, 19:05

Hello. I'm interested how the game launcher works, why the standard game ignores the .gib files. How the ROTR launcher reads only the !rotr-XXX.gib files and not the !shw-XXX.gib files. I'm also interested if it then loads the normal .big files like INIZH.big or if everithing is already in the !rotr-XXX.gib files. I'd also very much like to know how did you make the launcher. Sorry if these questions are dumb, I'm just new to modding and programming. Thanks for reply in advance. laugh.gif

Posted by: Zeke 4 Aug 2018, 2:48

.gib files are nothing more than renamed .big files. The launcher merely renames the correct mod's big files to activate it.

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