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SWR Productions Forum _ Attacque Supérior _ What is this?

Posted by: Jet02 20 Mar 2017, 14:38

Came across this mod on youtube.

Have a couple questions here:

1. How is gameplay here different from what it is in ra2/yr?
2. Why openra? What advantages does openra have over ra2/yr as a platform?

Also can i have a list of the aircraft available in game?

Posted by: Graion Dilach 20 Mar 2017, 16:16


The gameplay doesn't differ much from RA2 at this point, I'd like to shift it further but apparently so far everything I did just shifted more towards the mass-everything-to-win aspect. There might be even less options to micro at the moment. Keep in mind that everything seen are WIP.

Why OpenRA... well, YR is limited. There are a LOT of YR limits which are messy - if you look at Mental Omega, it pretty much showcases everything that engine can do, including bugs and whatnot. In order to grow YR, you need C++ and assembly knowledge and even then, you'll grind teeth to get something working (I participated in Ares development for a while so first-hand story). In order to grow OpenRA, you need only C# knowledge (YMMV if it's easier than C++ or not) and a lot less teeth grinding due to OpenRA being opensourced, with quite well-readable selfexplaining code. OpenRA devs also shifting focus to promote OpenRA as an engine and actively encouraging mods to create their own customized OpenRA as their project's platform. I can code in C# as well and I definitely find easier to code features into OpenRA than coding the same features to YR/Ares.

What this allows from a modder POV: Generals logics (everything excluding mob logic is already possible/simpler to implement than say, YR mindcontrol from what I know), area-of-effect damage promoting the unit (in order to create AoE damage in YR/Ares, one would rely on animation damages, which doesn't give experience - OpenRA lacks this option, but a projectile in OpenRA can have unlimited amount of warheads with delay option instead, which means a lot of c'n'p instead as AoE but also handling experience), a LOT better aircraft handling (which basically feels like Generals's except without guard mode - in RA2 aircraft couldn't even use waypoints or any way to queue orders, required constant attention), and a lot of hardcoded limits being exposed (more than 2 veterancy levels, lot more refined death animations and mutation handling - see Mental Omega's Clairvoyant/Duplicant, where the drone is required to have the human death animations (flameguy, radiation, etc.) in order to be upgradable via the support power -, mixable infantry/vehicle properties (YR has infantry hardcoded to share their cells for example, OpenRA has no actual distinction between infantry and vehicles internally) and the list goes on.

Aircraft as in jets or also including hovering ones as well?

Posted by: Jet02 22 Mar 2017, 9:16

Fixed wing aircraft/helicopters. Probably all of them unless you have blimps.

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