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Revision ideas, My new ideas for old EC units if they did not have finalized for DI ye
Die Hindenburg
post 1 Nov 2014, 19:56
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Will be expanded tommorrow (fucking internet time!)

The time you bring (if) back these units, here some ideas, which could make them stand out more.
http://www.moddb.com/mods/deep-impact/imag...arient#imagebox MRC
For this unit, i have an idea, that this one could be a support only unit, with upgrades it gets new support options:
Uses the default model, with the three gatling guns from the EC MRC, these are revised in their refunction:
Middle Gatling: By default, it has an repair beam, repairs vehicles from a range, fired in short pulses.
Left Gatling: Upgrade, fires a per ability swapped gun that fires missile deviators, when they hit the ground they work like a ecm field. Use full if you dont want overkill by enlarging the area effected or just stop enemy missiles, very long range.
Right Gatling: Weaponizes the MASS field, to slow down fire rate pf enemy aircraft by messing up their intern systems.
This one has no damage delivering capalites, its a pure support units.

Would work for the AC, looking more brutal and sleeker with a black paintjob and orange cockpit. If the AC uses MRLS type units with pinpoint accuracy and small aoe, you can use its missile decoys for greater aoe, and the MASS gun slows down.

As a name, perhaps an exotic name like MASS-SL (To indicate its a support, small MASS aircraft)

To make this more awesome, it would be avaible much later, it would have its standard attack modified so: The missile penetrates the ground, like the ADF superweapon, and it erupts a large column of flame like a small vulkan. The Nuke would be fired horizontally like the V2 from CNC-RA, so you could not abbuse it to fire anywhere, but when it hits the damage would be much larger to compensate, oh and it explodes when its hit a mountain, because its not a cruise missile.
It could be renamed V7 Vulcano.

I know the WEA have perhaps enoug units, but you still use it for one of the subfactions. I would suggest making it more italian, renaming Centauro.
The missile launchers are replaced by so called orbit units, which are like gun drones but very small, reposinited to the shoulders, and they follow the Centurion and cannot be shot down but their lower damage rather defend it against massed infantry. The main guns should be a unique weapon type, water-hydraulic guns firing disc shaped projictles that do high anti-vehicle and anti-infantry, but also fires in a large are so most shots dont hit their target, but its a fine terrorizing weapon.

1. Rename it Sioux Sidewinder
2. It would work like the Spectre Gunship, moving like one and attacking also thatz way.
3. Left side (Primary) huge ass gatling cannon. Huge ROF.
4. Right side: (Secondary) Howitzer, slow fire. Huge AOE.
5. Make it stretched longer and a bit thicker.
6. ???
7. Profit!!
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post 1 Nov 2014, 23:38
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As i said - both the MRC and the MASS will make a comeback but not for the first release and not for any of the 4 conventional factions. Their anti-grav pads are a tech to exotic even for WEA which is planned for someone else.

The rest are already planned.
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