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Posted by: Gen.Kenobi 1 May 2012, 19:43

Welcome back, General!

After the hiatus, some leadership changes, and long discussions, we decided to change our direction and restate our objectives. We have decided to scrap the originally planned fourth faction (the Evans faction), thus the name of this mod, Project Evans, was no longer valid. Those who have followed us from the beginning supposedly know this mod have been coming from a long road, that's why after several reboots, now our purpose is finally set up. This mod now have been reborn with the name Tidal Wars.

Under the new leadership of NProductions who have bring the NProject Mod, Tidal Wars aims to give you the best of the possible naval warfare into the Generals game while keeping "in-style" from the original game. And unlike another naval mods, this mod using the newest method of build method to build naval structures. Since your Dozers and Workers cannot perform off-shore construction operational, you are provided with the new "Shipyard Cores" which are amphibious and carrying construction material for your Shipyards. With this, Shipyards and naval units can't be built on the lands anymore (which often to happen in other naval mods). You can build your Shipyard wherever you want as long as it's on the water.

Thought there are also few things we want to add, which aren't totally associated with naval warfare, but we will come to that later.

Now, for the future. We are planning to release the first version, which will contain:
- Shipyard structures for all three factions along with the respective deploying vehicles.
- Standard ships for all vanilla factions. Higher-tier and variety ships will be added later.
- New maps made specifically for the naval combat.
- Overhauled tech tree. Each faction have more advanced tech tree compared to the original game simpleton tech tree.
- Bug fixes, enhancement, and competitive balances existed in NProject Mod. (but don't expect NProject Mod exclusive units here)

And at the end to give you something that we have been working on this mod. smile.gif


The main fighting unit of the US Navy, Destroyers are extensively used across the globe for various operations like convoy escort, anti-submarine operations, scouting of unknown waters and many more. Its gun turret can deal a lot of shells in quick succession, and added with its torpedo tubes, which are pointing at the front, the Destroyer can deliver heavy ordnance which can sink most of opposing ships in few salvos.

The size of the Destroyer is small and compact for a warship, makes them ideal for scouting missions and main fighters, engaging enemy at close range while larger vessels would stay behind and support Destroyers. Among its all assets is another one, and that is active sonar detection, giving Destroyer option to find enemy submarines hiding underwater, and with the torpedoes being able to root them out and send them into the depths forever.

Phalanx Cruiser

While GLA didn't had any air force on its own, they still had many stolen and salvaged old planes which can deliver various toxic agents into the territory controlled by US Army. When the terrorists planes started bypassing American anti-air batteries in Mediterranean Sea by water, US Navy was forced to solve this problem shortly. The final reason was Phalanx Cruiser. Large vessel equipped with the latest electronics and technologies and armed with two Phalanx CIWS, Phalanx Cruiser is able to locate and destroy any aircraft within seconds with volley of hundred shells (in matter of seconds) with pin-point accuracy, becoming an absolute guardian of the skies in the navies.

With its weapons, Phalanx is able to fight with all sorts of aerial threats of the fleet as well as intercepting ballistic missiles. The great drawback is, that the two CIWS aren't able to track any ship, making the Cruiser defenseless to any kind of naval attack, thus requiring an escort of Destroyers.


Since the World War II era most of the nations put aside the concept of large battleships and replaced them by task groups of aircraft carriers or missile cruisers. However, United States Navy still maintains battleships in its arsenal due to its durability and superior firepower. Many improvements in electronics were added to keep these vessels up to date with other ships but maintains its firepower of six 16 inch guns. For their devastating power, battleships are mostly used in shore bombardment operations to soften the enemy defense before the amphibious assault.

While the firepower is overwhelming, battleships are unable to fire on targets too close, making them an easy target for submarines. Commanders resolve this by dispatching Destroyers and Phalanx cruisers to defend these warships with great effect. The presence of even one Battleship makes any enemy more wary and cautious, as it can spread devastation anywhere it moves.

That's it for now. We will meet again with the next update. smile.gif

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Posted by: Jester 1 May 2012, 22:30

Glad to see this mod back up and running I wondered where it went. Anyway excellent new update each model is extremely awesome and I look forward to seeing more soon! smile.gif

Posted by: MARS 1 May 2012, 22:37

Although it kinda begs the question: Is it really appropriate to call this a reboot if apparently the entire basic premise is different due to the wholesale removal of an entire planned faction (both narratively and in gameplay terms) along with a heavy shift in gameplay mechanics (the game seems to be rather centred around the naval units) and even a name change?

Posted by: Comr4de 1 May 2012, 23:01

Truth be told, reminds me of Advance Wars, looks neat and I do appreciate a mod revolving around water/navy concept, it hasn't been done before and if done right it could be very neat biggrin.gif

Wish you gents luck, good to see V.Metalic's actually doing some modeling too =)

Posted by: n5p29 2 May 2012, 9:32

QUOTE (MARS @ 2 May 2012, 4:37) *
Although it kinda begs the question: Is it really appropriate to call this a reboot if apparently the entire basic premise is different due to the wholesale removal of an entire planned faction (both narratively and in gameplay terms) along with a heavy shift in gameplay mechanics (the game seems to be rather centred around the naval units) and even a name change?

it's a short long story. actually Gen.Kenobi have scrapped the 4th faction way before the name change, even before I joined in the team. I'll left that part to him.
what I know, later on he decided to focusing on adding fully functional navy in the mod around mid-2010. early 2011 Gen.Kenobi went off from modding and gave the mod leadership to me. because I'm still working on NProject Mod, I only could working on this mod lately. The name change itself had been issued in the team since end of 2010.

Posted by: Gen.Kenobi 5 May 2012, 18:04

Yeah... Project Evans was a project messed up since I remember... I was starting into the C&C Generals modding scenario - did some World in Conflict modding before (what got me into the modding world) - and I was looking for a team to join, to learn and all. Made a few friends here and there, and joined the Project Evans project. It was a mess, no leadership, lack of interest, but it had a nice team, with no leader. So I took over, democratically tongue.gif, and we started doing some work. I remember that the motto of the mod was to not ask about why it had it's name... And them lots of things happened GRANS came, I had to come up with something to make the name fit, but latter it got scrapped, but the navy idea was there almot from the beggining. N5 made it possible, so here we are smile.gif
Anyways... It's been a long road to get from there to here...It's been a long time, but our time is finally near tongue.gif So we could feel a change in the wind. And we rebooted the project with a new name.

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