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SWR Productions Forum _ Rise of the Reds _ ECA Vehicle Dugout

Posted by: hildaga 3 Dec 2021, 12:31

Can it edited somehow with Final Big Editor app?

Posted by: Kalamel 13 Dec 2021, 14:18

QUOTE (hildaga @ 3 Dec 2021, 18:31) *
Can it edited somehow with Final Big Editor app?

I think it's certainly possible with Final big, at least for the code. Don't know about the model.

If I'm not wrong, it use bike logic. Basically you should think of it as stationary Pandur with tank garrison instead of infantry. It's entirely different things from infantry building garrison or the infamous ZH combat chinook with tanks. It also means that you can only have maximum 7 versions of garrisoned state, so maximum 7 tanks. It's actually 8 maximum, but "blank" state count as one state.

I don't do model so I don't know if you would need a specific model for each state or you can just use tank models and draw over the bunkers.

Posted by: re_simeone 20 Dec 2021, 20:34

I think that ECA's vehicles in bunkers are actually when vehicle enters building, then that building becomes other building, rather than unit on top of that building, if that makes sense lol.

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