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Posted by: SatchTFF 20 Feb 2018, 2:42

Heya guys! Been new to map builder and I'm currently trying to make a defense map w/ ROTR installed. So far, I've made it to the point where I'm able to deploy enemy using amphibious transports then manage to make them attack local player's team; but the suddenly, after 10-20 seconds of mobilizing them, the whole game crashes.. I don't even know what I've done. :/ I tried reviewing the whole script either.. :/

So here's the sequence of the whole game (so far):
1) Cinematic intro where in 4 bomb trucks tried to destroy UN Troops on the beachfront. UN Troops consist of 1 Heavy Militia Tank, 1 Militia Tank, 1 UN Humvee, 3 Militia Artillery, 3 Militia Jeep, and a Platoon of UN Soldiers.
2) Remaining UN Forces on the beach head was ordered to retreat as GLA's air force are approaching them but sadly, all of them are killed. GLA's air force withdrew.
3) Scene focuses to the Chinese Breeder (REACTOR) then UN few support units came (includes 2 European Tiger Helicopter, 1 UN Humvee, 1 Milita Jeep) followed by Chinese Troops(5 Red Guards and 5 Tank Hunters) being drop at the Reinforcement Drop Zone. Then a Radar Helicopter Indestructible to patrol the beach head.
4) Instructions...
5) GLA's 1st wave drop off. It uses Team>>Create script. The team was compose of 2-3 Marauder Tanks, 1 Combat Cycle and 2 Mercenary Grenadiers. I drop 3 of this team at the three different spots and is working properly. This also starts to show the wave timer on the right hand side of the screen.
6) GLA's 1st wave mobilized when timer shows around at 1:40-1:30; target set to attack all troops within the Map unless, one unit enters the outer perimeter area of your base, they are now set to destroy the reactor... but sadly... sad.gif The game crashes.
NOTE: Initial Reinforcements arrive at around "Next Wave coming in: 1:28-1:31".

Please help me. sad.gif I'm trying to know what causes this crash. Below is the map file incase you need to check it out for yourself.

 Reactor_Protector__ROTR_Navy_.rar ( 51.2K ) : 0

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