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The Hiigaran Empire, Development Update 01
post 22 Apr 2011, 20:55
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The Greater Hiigaran Empire (150 AHL)

It was 30 years after the end of the second Hiiaran War that the empire was born by a name that would not soon be forgotten: Kiria.

An orphan - kiithless - it would seem unlikely that such a person would ever rise to power in the political turmoil of Hiigara. However the circumstances that led to the Empress' rise to power were not likely in any way.

With the Vaygr threat dealt with and the individual Kiithid returning to their daily buisness, Hiigara was at its weakest. Sajuuk - firmly under control of Kiith S'jet - was sent on an expeditionary mission into the Eye of Araan Network; a first step in the Hiigarans reclaiming the vast expanses of space they once controlled prior to their exile.

However back home political indeciciveness led to a situation that even the Diamid Council could not control. With no common goal to unite all Hiigarans, cooperation was a word known only to a few Souls.

Every Hiigaran dreamed of reclaiming the glory that was once the Hiigaran Empire. But with no leading body capable of uniting the individual Kiithid, this goal seemed impossible.

The Diamid Council deemed it necessary to name a single person - unbound from the influence of any kiith - as the sole ruler of Hiigara. Only through a person than every Hiigaran could relate to could Order be restored, was their reasoning.

Thus Kiria Suel was chosen - a nobody with no known political influence, a simple person with no attachments. Over the course of ten years the Diamid Council took it upon themselves to educate her in the ways of Hiigaran Politics and their ultimate goal of uniting the Kiithid under her name.

These were trying times. Pirate raids on Hiigaran colonies would become a frequent and expected affair - yet no Kiith felt responsible for anything but protecting worlds they held influence on. Overwhelmed by the distances, number of planets requiring protection and political strings attached by individual Kiithid, the Hiigaran Defense Fleet was on the verge of collapsing.

It would be the crippling of the recently reclaimed Pride of Hiigara not far from the Desert Planet of Kharak that provided the Coundil with an excuse to implement their young Empress in a position of ultimate power over Hiigara.

Chosing this incident as an example of the utter helplessnes of the Hiigaran people against the rising hostile intent, Kiria would take the throne of Hiigara only days after the old Flagship of Hiigara was scuttled, the damage suffered in battle being too critical to repair.

Resistance to the decision was manyfold and some even feared that history would repeat itself - that Kiria would lead Hiigara to ruin yet again.

Yet the vast majority of the population however - fearing the ever-increasing attacks against their colonies and even their Homeworld - flocked to their Empress as a beacon of hope... hope for a voice that would speak reason and unity in the name of every Hiigaran Citizen without being drowned out by the squabbling of the Kiithid.

It would take ten years but today, when the Empress speaks, every Hiigaran listens. Dreams of former greatness slowly turning to reality, there are only a select few who doubt the power and determination of the Empress.

Gone is the Age of S'jet - gone is the rule of the Kiithid - and come are the days of the Greater Hiigaran Empire.

-- Imperial Archives of Hiigara

General Gameplay:

- Fighter and Corvette Cap merged (cap now 20 combined)
- Carrier & Battlecruiser Cap merged (cap now 4)
- One combat kiith, one support kiith

Kiith Soban

Warriors of the finest nature, Kiith Soban is unique amongst the Hiigaran Kiithid in that you are not 'Born Sobani'. Any Citizen may become a Sobani by renouncing any former Kiith affiliation. The majority of those who join Kiith Soban do so of their own free will and often at a young age.

Trained from day one to fight and understand their place in battle, every Sobani has a basic comprehension of the nature of combat. They fill the ranks of the Imperial Fleet from Fighter Pilots to Capital Ship crews.

Unique among the Kiithid is that Sobani Warships are not always crewed by Sobani alone. Often a Warship will contain a Soban command staff with crew drawn from other Kiithid. Often looked up to by other Kiithid in matters of Combat, few dare not show respect for these honorable soldiers and proud warriors of Hiigara.

The exception is Kiith Manaan which refuses to serve under Sobani command. While often willing to assist Kiith Soban when aid is required, no Manaani will ever sail under the command of a non-Manaani captain.

Gameplay Aspects:
Kiith Soban is one of two Combat Kiiths available to a Hiigaran player, the other being Kiith Manaan.

The Sobani are masters in virtually every aspect of warfare. Capable of outputing deadly single-target damage as well as area damage, there is virtually no foe that Kiith Soban can not adapt to counter.

In general, Kiith Soban operates best when smaller ships are supported by larger ships, forming a clearly defined battle formation. Many Sobani ships are also capable of countering several enemy ship classes - albeit less effectively than ships with single roles. This however makes it simpler for the Sobani Fleet to adapt to different enemies.

Notable Traits:
- Battlecruiser
- Single Target Special Attacks
- Area Damage upgrades
- Multipurpose Ships

Kiith Manaan

Travelers and wanderers at heart, Kiith Manaan are not warriors by nature. Their love is for speed, freedom and adventure. Formed mainly by those Hiigarans who do not wish to be bound to a planet, Kiith Manaan wanders the galaxy in great carrier fleets known colloqually as 'Migrant Fleets', patrolling the outer borders of Imperial space.

Frequently a Manaani Carrier Group will host a number of 'Invisibles' - hiigarans who have lost all there is to loose and now lust only for revenge. Inspired by the cult of pilots who flew Spectre Cloak Fighters during the first homeworld war, The Invisble make up a large portion of the Manaani combat capability.

If there is one thing that inspires every Manaani, then it is the restlessness that flows through their veins. You will never see a Manaani willingly staying in one place for too long. As a result of this nomadic nature, Manaani combat fleets are not designed to fight in static positions.

However combat is not the thing that most Manaani live for. Most simply wish to be away from the bustle that is life on a planet. To be Manaani means to be free, roaming the void at will. They will accept no bonds, no strings and listen only when the Empress herself calls for their aid.

Depsite this, the Manaani are always willing to aid a fellow Hiigaran lost in the void and in need of aid. For, Manaani or not, they are still Hiigaran first, Manaani second.

Gameplay Aspects:
Kiith Manaan is one of two Combat Kiiths available to a Hiigaran player, the other being Kiith Soban.

The Manaani are masters in mobility, second only to the Keepers. While capable of fighting a frontal battle, what makes the Manaani special is their ability to execute deadly flanking or surprise attacks, abusing the high speed of their ships.

Furthermore, the Manaani draw heavily on the combat Abilities of The Invisible. Working with advanced cloaking technology, the Manaani can attack from virtually anywhere at any time, moving far too quickly for the enemy to react.

If there is one thing the Manaani lack, it is the ability to deal with large numbers of enemies. Disliking area damage weapons and preferring more accurate, single target weapons, the Manaani can however output an incredible ammount of damage over prolongued periods of time. The notable exception to this rule are area weapons with EMP effects, which the Manaani often make use of to even the numbers against large enemy fleets.

Notable Traits:
- Cloaking Tech
- Speed Boosts & Mobility
- Single Target Damage
- Area EMP

Kiith S'jet

Kiith S'jet is the forerunner in all advanced technologies being developed by the Empire. Birthplace of the most brilliant hiigaran minds alive today and dedicated to the advancement of Hiigaran Technology, Kiith S'jet is determined to fuel the Empire as it expands and supplies the Imperial Fleet with advanced weapons and subsystem technologies.

Unlike others, Kiith S'jet rarely developes entire chassis. Instead, they focus on upgrading existing designs and adapting them for use with their cutting-edge beam, shield and drone technology.

While not a strictly warlike Kiith, S'jet does recieve considerable resources from the Imperial Fleet in return for its continued support. There are voices within S'jet which disapprove of this decision but they are few in numbers and generally overruled by those seeking technological advances wherever possible. For there is little a S'jetti will not do to preserve the greatest repository of knowledge in the Universe - the S'jet Archives on Hiigara.

Gameplay Aspects:
Kiith S'jet is one of three support kiith. They allow capital ship production in form of hyperspaced reinforcements to carriers.

The primary bonus offered by the S'jetti is advanced beam weapons that deal the same damage but fire faster. This makes any hiigaran fleet built on beam weapons (Pulsars/Ion Beams) considerably more deadly.

They also offer shield technology and drone technology which can be used to great effect, boosting the survival rate of hiigaran ships.

Kiith S'jet has also developed an advanced siege weapon which can be installed on battlecruisers to provide additional long-range fire support.

Notable Traits:

- Ion & Pulsar Capacitors
- Defence Fields
- Adv. Subsystems
- Battlecruiser ARCLight Systems

Kiith Somtaaw

Miners and explorers at core, Kiith Somtaaw is also hailed as the vanquisher of the Beast Threat following the first hiigaran war. Today Kiith Somtaaw spends most of its time and resources exploring far beyond the borders of the Empire searching for more lucrative mineral deposits and mapping distant star systems.

On their travels the Somtaaw have encountered a number of technologies not available to every hiigaran and have developed several means of advanced hyperspace transit to overcome the vast distances they travel on their expeiditions.

Furthermore, Kiith Somtaaw operates a small but deadly combat fleet of advanced ships based primarily on Bentusi design patterns purchased during the Beast Wars and steadily updated over the past century.

Gameplay Aspects:
Kiith Somtaaw is one of three support kiith. They allow capital ship production in form of hyperspaced reinforcements to carriers.

Kiith Somtaaw allows hyperspacing at reduced costs, more efficient mining and nanorepair upgrades. They also offer several subsystem upgrades and can support your combat kiith with advanced combat ships like the Acolyte.

When chosen with Kiith Manaan, they will also provide Energy Cannon Upgrades. They will not support Kiith Soban with these upgrades but will offer Hyperspace Cores to Sobani Battlecruisers which make purchasing Nav Modules unncesessary.

Notable Traits:
- Mining Boosts
- Hyperspace Cost Reduction
- Adv. Combat ships
- Adv. Subsystems

Kiith Nabaal

With a firm graps on Hiigaran Industry, Kiith Nabaal is the primary producer of all Hiigaran Voidfames. With Shipyards spanning dozens of worlds and supported by hundreds of secondary manufacturing plants, Kiith Nabaal are masters at producing spaceships on an industrial scale.

For generations Kiith Nabaal has supported the Hiigaran Fleet with these production facilities and today, under Empress Kiria, the Imperial Fleet enjoys the same support from the Industrial Superpower that is Kiith Nabaal.

The Nabaali are also adept at creating defensive platforms in order to ward off attacks on their vulnerable production facilites. Despite their lack of innovative technology, it would be a mistake to underestimate Kiith Nabaal and the power that their advanced nanoassembly bays gives them.

Gameplay Aspects:
Kiith Nabaal is one of three support kiith. They allow capital ship production in form of a Shipyard.

The Nabaali allows you access to a shipyard and two factories to boost production. This means you do not require quite as substantial a carrier force in order to maintain a steady supply of ships.

Furthermore, Nabaal offers armor and speed upgrades as well as build time reductions via research. They also offer advanced platforms that can be used in defensive or offensive roles.

Notable Traits:
- Shipyard
- Factories
- Speed & Armor Upgrades
- Platforms

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