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Possible Bugs in Shockwave v1.21 public beta version, Possible Bugs in Shockwave v1.21 public beta version
post 19 Apr 2020, 10:38
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Greetings, generals.
Recently, I’ve been playing Shockwave v1.21 public beta version. I’ve found some possible bugs in the game. They are listed below:

[1] For all 5 generals of the USA faction:

[1-1] After I select the Construction Dozer, I find it unable to use the hot key “Z” to build Supply Drop Zone. I could only build Supply Drop Zone purely by clicking the icon with my mouse. The related hot key “Z” just won’t work no matter what the circumstance is.

[1-2] If an A-10 Attack Plane is shot down during its dive-firing movement, the plane won’t crash immediately as it normally does. Instead, it will be pinned to its aerial death position and it will keep firing at the target zone with its Gattling cannons, continuously doing actual damage to every ground units within it. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it. The pinned dead A-10 won’t disappear until a minute later when it finally drop on the ground at a very, very slow speed.

[2] For USA Laser General (General Townes):

The “Mother of All Bombs” upgrade in the Strategy Centre is still unavailable even if the Fuel-Air Bomb has already been unlocked and the fund is sufficient.

[3] For USA Armor General (General Ironside):

Once I select the Radar Dome and then press the “Show Detection Range” button, the whole game will crash.

[4] For USA Air Force General (General Granger):

The cluster missile of the “Hurricane” Vehicle can’t be intercepted by any means. Neither any kind of anti-air firepower nor targeting laser defense system could intercept it. From this point of view, “Hurricane” cluster missile acts more like a shell than a missile. Compared with all other kinds of missiles in this game, if this is not a bug, then why is the “Hurricane” cluster missile so unique?

[5] For ordinary China, General Tao, Kwai and Leang:

[5-1] The Hack Van can’t be stealth even if it’s not moving. But the Hack Van’s instruction said that it could be “Stealth when not moving”. The “instruction” means the unit’s illustrative text in the pop-up window on the left side of the screen. Such text automatically pops up whenever the mouse hovers upon the unit icon in the production menu. If the Hack Van’s stealth ability is intentionally removed, then the related instruction text should be updated accordingly. Otherwise, it is a bug.

[5-2] When an enemy is a Chinese faction and one of his building is upgraded with land mines, then if I capture that building, its land mines still belong to the enemy, not to me. The mines’ factional affiliation won’t change even though I wipe them out (they’ll grow back again later on) or defeat the entire enemy afterwards. The only way to permanently clear those mines after capturing the building is selling that building. But that would make the capturing behavior totally worthless.

[6] For China Nuke General (General Tao):

When an AI is Nuke General, it won’t launch its superweapons (nuclear missile) under any circumstances, even though the countdown has already reached zero. In the Challenge mode, this bug also makes the battle against General Tao too easy to win, because General Tao won’t use any of his superweapons.

[7] For China Special Weapons General (General Leang):

[7-1] When choosing General Leang to play the Challenge mode, the game will crash during the pre-loading process.

[7-2] After I select the Construction Dozer, I find that the hot key of Repair Station is the same as that of the Internet Centre, which is “I”. And when I press “I”, the Internet Centre profile appears, which means that the Repair Station lacks an effective building hot key and therefore could only be built by clicking the icon with my mouse.

[7-3] If the black shark helicopter is previously upgraded with the Gattling cannons, its “Recon Upgrade” option is still available. In this case, if you continue to click that “Recon Upgrade” icon, it would only deduct your money, but give no actual effect after the upgrading process.

[7-4] During the “Concussion Bombs” air strike, the para bombs are somehow invisible. So I can’t see any bombs on the screen, except for a series of empty parachute being dropped on the target zone. Of course, the air strike still does actual damage. The only problem is that the bombs are invisible.

[7-5] When activating the superweapon--Earth Shaker, it creates an earthquake at the target zone. However, the earthquake itself accumulates no killing experience for the player when it destroy enemy’s units or structures.

[8] For ordinary GLA:

The Airpad can’t produce any Battle Balloon. The Battle Balloon button remains invalid all the time.

[9] For some GLA generals (for example, General Juhziz):

Sometimes, when a Worker is killed, he becomes a “zombie”, who won’t fall, won’t disappear, won’t be crushed, won’t be burn, won’t be blown to disappearance by any kind of explosion, and can’t be controlled anymore. He just remains standing on his death position and does nothing. There’s nothing I can do to make him disappear. This phenomenon could occurs many, many times during a single battle. And when it occurs, it really disturbs my judgment on the battlefield, because I can’t distinguish a “zombie Worker” from a living Worker at first glance.

That’s all. I think some of these bugs are worth fixing. Thank you.
Best wishes.
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