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Deep Impact Update 14, Infantry Update 2
post 4 Dec 2014, 13:06
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The X General
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Uniqueness is Overrated

Hey how's it going? Last time we showed off some basic WEA infantry.
This time, as the title suggests, we're showing MORE INFANTRY (omg!), faction spefcific WEA infantry to be exact!
So, let's get started!

WEA Venator

Click on the image to view the model in Sketchfab

Venator Corps were first formed when the need for a heavy hold-the-line infantry appeared in the WEA's mechanized assault branch ranks. WEA high command needed a heavy armored infantry that can use it's weapon to defend a location until their combat vehicles and gunships would arrive, thus, the Venator was born. Equipped with the latest in exo-suit technology and armed with a heavy deployable recoilless rifle, these units can provide a support role with their HE rounds that can tear through any infantry and light-armoured vehicles, while their EMP rounds can disable any enemy vehicle making even the mightiest of tanks nothing more than a soft target. In addition to this, the Venator support role is further enhanced by the ability to deploy high-explosive mines that will do terrible terrible damage to any infantry or tank unlucky enough to activate one such mine.

A couple of deployed Venators surrounded by their HE mines can hold almost any location for a time making this unit quite a versatile and useful one at any point in the game. It's only big weakness is the lack of anti-air capabilities.

Venator Troops are available for Mechanized Assault only.

WEA Solaris Trooper

Click on the image to view the model in Sketchfab

Wielding a lightweight sun cannon, these soldiers can really give their targets a nasty sunburn. Solaris Troopers are the latest in photon technology innovations, carrying a state-of-the-art man-portable photon cannon. Born from the older Venator Trooper, this unit sacrifices their ability to deploy HE mines for increased firepower and the ability to equally damage any type of ground target, be it infantry, light vehicle or even a mighty tank. However, a Solaris Trooper should never be left without support, lest he be overwhelmed by enemy forces. Hit and run attacks can easily kill these troops if caught undeployed.

Solaris Troopers are available for Continental Defense only.

It's that time of the year again, so remember to vote for us!

"One more thing!"

Special thanks to The_Hunter and the SWR team for letting us borrow the ECA Grenadier animations.

Well that's all we have for this update.

Want more info? Head to our website!

Comments and suggestions? Post them in the forums!

Want to help out, but can't mod? Make us popular!

and we'll see you in the next update.

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post 4 Dec 2014, 14:37
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That British Guy....
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Looking good Zeke, I really like that sun cannon on the Solaris Trooper =D

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Svea Rike
post 4 Dec 2014, 14:49
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Sexy infantry! I've voted for your mod, good sir.

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post 4 Dec 2014, 15:28
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Wasteland Abysswalker
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post 4 Dec 2014, 16:50
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Higher poly infantry are always welcoming.. I specially like the fact that simple lines on a texture can make such a good skin.
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post 4 Dec 2014, 18:44
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Secure, Contain, Protect
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Great Update as always, I'm looking foreword to see what you have planned for the other factions!

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