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Introduction of the Hecthor Doomhammer Streaming Service, And a brief history lesson
Hecthor Doomhamm...
post 11 Apr 2014, 1:43
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From: Hecthor Doomhammer Streaming Service HQ
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Hey everyone, My name is Hecthor Doomhammer and I'd like to welcome you to my subforum here on SWR Productions.

For just over 1 year now I have been hosting almost weekly livestreams on Twitch for, mostly, Mental Omega, for which I've also done the majority of livestreams on their own channel, and YR:Red Resurrection.
When 2014 came, I already knew I would start streaming Graion Dilach's mod of Attacque Supérior but it was then when I also learned that the team behind Twisted Insurrection were looking into setting up streams of their own,
Rather than wanting to stream this mod myself, mostly due to the fact that I've never really been a fan of Tiberian Sun or any of the Tiberium games, I stepped up to Aro, the leader of the mod and offered my help so that he and his team would not be faced with the the hurdles that the Mentalmeisters had to face back when we started in March 2013.

After a quick chat with Aro of Twisted Insurrection, I received their closed beta, was forwarded to Fakeskins, who was already recording some footage of Twisted Insurrection and he was eager to learn the ways of livestreaming. A single afternoon and he was set up and good to go. BUT he and Aro were more confident in my commentary skills and followerbase and quickly persuaded me to give streaming Twisted Insurretion a chance. I did tell them, that due to the fact that I never really liked Tiberian Sun, my commentary for Twisted Insurrection might not be on the same level of enthousiasm as for, for instance, Mental Omega. And Twisted Insurrection being one of the most popular mods for Tiberian Sun, I didn't want them to be put up with below par commentary, which would result in bad publicity for both them and myself. But we tried it any way, a short 6 days later.

Around this time I also learned that the team behind Rise of the Reds was looking into this streaming business, and when I contacted The Hunter after seeing the video on his channel about the Venom Protocol, he invited me on Skype and quickly showed interest in working with me, again asking me to stream it on my channel, rather than teaching some one to stream.
Still not confident about Twisted Insurrection, and my birthday and the busy month of February aproacing, I told The Hunter that I'd get back to him at a later time.

Having now 4 mods under my wing and closing in on 69 followers (yes, the 69) I decided to host a special stream the weekend after I would reach that "magical number"; a 4 hour stream, where I would spotlight all 4 mods, 1 hour each with barely any time for brakes. And what do you know? on January 30th I got my 69th follower. And my birthday is on February 2nd, which for family and friends I would celebrate on February 1st. So with grocery shopping, household and the birthday celebration done, I found myself with absolutely nothing to do on my birthday, on sunday, which after I had to cancel my travel plans, I pretty much expected.
So what better to do, than to host a "69 follower, 30th birthday, 4 hour, 4 mod HINDABUILDING stream-athon", inviting players and mod leaders of the mods I streamed on skype as co-commentators and having a party. It was, in my eyes, a huge success.

The next day, I felt really good, decided to take the chance and contacted Th Hunter on Skype.Knowing already from my earlier Mental Omega streams, The Hunter quickly got me to register here on the forums, install Generals and Zero Hour, gave me the links to the files I needed to download and once it was all installed and running, we had a match to see how my eyes would respond to the interface and such.

To me it was pretty clear that streaming Rise of the Reds was something that would really be a great next step for me and also for the Rise of the Reds team but I needed something: Time.
Looking back at the first Twisted Insurrecton stream, which I got on a sunday and the next saturday I was streaming it, giving me very little time to prpare and really look into this mod, was really detremental for my commentary, which I didn't want for Rise of the Reds, so I told The Hunter that March was the earliest I would feel comforable with streaming it.
Also, I felt the need to inform my followers of this new aquiremnt, since most of my followers, back then, were there purely for Mental Omega, so I suggested that The Hunter and I would do a short livestream, where I basically tell my folloowers of what is to come to my channel. I also gave the fans of Rise of the Reds a chance to watch it, as I made a topic in the Rise of the Reds subforum about it. We also announced that weekly livestreams would start from March 9 onwards

The next week, a few of the testers, The Hunter and Seraphinexx, who knew how my commentary is for Mental Omega and also been my co-commentator on several streams in the past, and myself came into a group conversation on Skype and The Hunter and I did a test run, to see how our commentary would fare in comparison to Menta Omega. It was clear very soon that my commentary was indeed on par with that of Mental Omega.

In the mean time, The Hunter started working on a proper logo for me and eventually even an short into-movie-clip, that Comrade Crimson provided the chanting for.
It was also around this time, that I decided that I wanted to focus more effort and energy into my own channel, since I was still the main livestreamer on Mentalmeisters, and Zenothist, having moved out of his partents' place and now having a more stable internet connection, it would be best if he took over.
After having a little talk with Zenothist, once he was set up, we came up with the idea to host multi streams. Giving out a special link so that viewers could watch the stream from both our perspectives.

I also received a tip from OmegaBolt about starting a Facebookpage for my streams and while I already had Twitter, I never used it.
Eventually I took a chance and asked around on the Mental Omega IRC what a good video editing software was for some one who never did anything like that and Camtaisa was the most recommended one. So I started to mess around with it and slowly found my own style.

Now also uploading videos onto Youtube, linking my Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and Twitter together, we end off here, in this very Subforum. Given to me where I can freely update and discuss everything I do regarding this line of work.

In my signature you will find the links to my Twitchchannel (by clicking the banner), my Youtube channel, my Facebook page and Twitter.

Just for the record, I think I would've done a better job making a video about it and commentating over it, than writing it down tongue.gif .

I hope you all enjoyed this little story and I will see you all next time.

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Hey everybody, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer and I bring you regular streams of Rise of the Reds Generals: Contra and Mental Omega

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