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armor vs toxin
post 18 Oct 2011, 23:11
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how to conquer this challenge on hard?
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post 19 Oct 2011, 0:26
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It hard but not inpossible. Do you see where the first building is (i know these no real N,E,S,W) but im going to say the N,E of your base....
You need to build behide it (behide meaning, hiding from the enermy crossing the brige) and build a "L" shape defence line protecting from N and E from there!

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post 21 Oct 2011, 0:56
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Mammoths work well, but need air force for the artillery. If manage to destroy the palace with the Cluster Missile, it very easy turn the tide to you side.

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post 29 Oct 2011, 8:59
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The second you get control your gonna wanna build your PP and 2 dozers asap.
The second the 2nd dozer comes out build a barracks.
After PP is done build the supply depot and take the 3rd dozer up near the building where the bridge is and build a concrete slab just outside of the tox tunnel's range, but close enough it can fire on it but u need to time it cause 1 of the rocket troopers will try to destroy it. Once the barracks is built train 2 rangers and 2-3 jav soldiers and put em in that building and order them to fire on the stinger site. (additional RPG troopers might attack but the turret should kill them)
when the concrete slab is complete upgrade to chain gun turret and it will auto attack the tunnel.
After the supply depot is finished build WF.
When the tox tunnel and stinger site have been removed construct 3 concrete slabs in a horizontal line along the bridge head. At this time when the slabs are done Thrax will begin attacking with AA vehicles, tox tractors and infantry or a mix between them.
the turret formation should be CANNON GUN CANNON. Buy capture upgrade and take 1 of the infantry from the building and take it to the oil derrick to the right of your base the northern one will attract thrax's forces which will make 3 points to defend from but he will ignore it if the northern derrick is not capped.
Cap the derrick and build 2 cannon turrets to the right of it.
now invest that 1 gen point in howitzers.
Here comes the tricky part once you get a nice flow of cash you want at least 4-6 phalis behind your turrets (both sides) and get the strat center built.
Once all is done train about 3-4 howitzers and put em near your turrets (2 to each side)

Warning: Jarmen kell will infrequently sneak up past the northern derrick to get at your vehicles so keep an eye there or sometimes he will come down the bridge to snipe your howitzers.

When he starts sending in buggies, have the howitzers handle them.
When he sends in the scourges providing 2 don't fire at once the phals will shoot down both rockets.
Also make sure you chose Search and destroy from the strat center so the howitzers can shoot at the scourges from the safety of being next to the turrets. (also found it handy to destroy the arty turret across bridge and when he sends in the 1st wave of arties to destroy the 1st tox bunker across river)

Now when you get the chance train burton and get his upgrade and use howitzers or tanks to annihilate the tox tunnel and stinger site across river insert CB up there and have em snipe at buggies (1 shot) and scourges.
Once that is done you need to either A: kill his scud storm ASAP or B: if it hasn't been built yet destroy the palace.
Once the scud storm and palace have been dealt with, the left over artillery need to be destroyed then you are free to attack with little trouble (usually the backdoor near his CC)

The only problem I have so far with this is the timing of the 1st concrete slab as the RPG trooper will run at it and try to destroy it the second you try to build it.

Hope this helps. smile.gif

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post 12 Dec 2011, 0:34
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just found it again and finally beat toxin, not falling for howitzer and mammoths.

what in now did:

-queued a second dozer, then send it due east below the derrik, where it build my barracks, then a concrete slam directly right of it with a guardian turret.
- first dozer build my first power plant where that dirt road approaches south from off-screen and west to it the supply center with 2 more trucks.
-with the barracks finished, queued 2 rangers+capture and send them north to the east of the building straight to the south of the bridge where the main assault will take place killing the 2 rpgs
- build 2 slaps to the left of the building with guardian turret
- one ranger proceeded further northwest to capture the derrick, the other back to the derrick southeast above the barracks.
- one dozer kept standby, while the other went south building another pp in line east to the first + a second concrete slap with guardian turret to the right of derrick+ barracks
- barracks started training 6 javelins that went east to destroy the stinger once no toxin tractor is in sight.
- the turrets to the north finished the def perimeters at the bridge entrance, so i could place my spy drone and build a third guardian turret between the lone house and the row of houses to the right.
- the javelins that took the other stinger, now could safely get into the house to the north sandwiched by the turrets. just for it to get filled with burton and more javelins. the tractors never tried to clear when they the turret to the right was there.
the ranger that captured the derrick near the barracks could now be sent to the refinery to capture and later placed a dozer behind it to keep it repaired once the the need arose.
-next target was an airfield with 4 widows to pick on those long ranged stuff and the defense was basically set.
-teched on till i had my economy fixed with 3 pads, then build 2 missiles.
-the only thing the scud storm could do is damage the command center to the point that, once the toxin wore off, a dozer had to repair it so it could eat the next hit.
on assault, sacrificed a widow to take out the worker right next to the scud storm, then waited till missiles and air-strike were ready to take out the worker next to the stash, the stash + an arms dealer and the command center in one hit denying him access to the ability to rebuild.
- the rest was basically a waiting game.

now i am stuck vs laser...

being stuck with those javelins rather than normal missile defenders in addition to not having access to pathfinders is annoying.
he seems to have the bad habit of sending infantry tanks and aircraft at the very same time... ani8b.gif

any hints?
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Papaya Master Ra...
post 12 Dec 2011, 12:27
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Well instead of Javelins to counter his stealth fighters, I do suggest 2 - 3 gladiators (considering that they are one of the bulkiest anti - air ground unit in the game) and a Stryker with a battle drone for the repairs of your anti- air in the upper corner of your supply dock.

Now for your defense grid I suggest two guardian defense turrets near the upper left corner of your supply dock to counter incoming tanks, also have at least 2 - 3 Howitzer artillery and the most important unit of General Ironside is Armor Burton with his trusty high explosive round equipped anti - tank rifle (capable of destroying tanks in a shot from far away, knife to kill infantry, and the basic offense to destroy Townes' base defenses unscathed.) wink.gif

Also a tip, have at least the Strategy center with a Search and Destroy Battle plan on on the left side of your base and a radar dome to your right, both of which guarded by 2 - 3 infantry for Anti-Burton sneak attacks.

An important thing is to have your Cluster Missile silo separated away from any of your buildings and have a dozer nearby to act as a fodder against his Laser Uplink Cannons. And the last bit is the most important, the last money should be put on supply drop zones at all costs, hehe. After getting enough cash it's your turn to train and build your army to launch a full scale attack against him, considering that Burton has taken care most base defenses from a far, including those towers with Missile defenders and a pathfinder.

Well that's my opinion, good luck General. smile.gif

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