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SWR Productions Forum _ The Art Gallery _ Concept for a fictional modern world with many races

Posted by: nikitazero678 29 Jun 2016, 20:59

For all this time I've been playing RPG games such as the first two Suikoden titles and reading manga like Naruto, +Anima and the like. All these imaginations I have from my immersions eventually made me want to create a fictional world that I might use as the setting for a short story, comic, novel or even a mod or game that I might made or develop in the future. The genre could be either action or slice-of-life, or perhaps I will do both genres simultaneously (of course, in a different story).

The world, currently, is unnamed, but I envised it to consist of several continents surrounded by a superocean. The core is that the world will be inhabited by numerous sapient humanoid (related to humans) and anthropomorphic (animals with human traits) races.

Humanoid races

The most numerous of all major races, the humans share the same characteristics as us.

The elves stands tall, have pointed leaf-like ears, lacks any facial hair and are seen as the wisest of all humanoid races, but uphold their pride highly. They are also known for their agility and long lifespan of over 100 years.

The dwarves are shorter than humans, have facial hair upon maturity and are renowned for their strength and determination.

The harpies, at first glance, resembles humans, but they have wings on their back which allowed them to fly, clawed limbs and sharp eyes.

The vampires are similar to humans, but with pale skin, fangs on their teeth and hands. Unlike common depictions of vampires, they do not need to consume blood to sustain their life, but rather consuming blood, especially virgins' blood, will allow them to regenerate their wounds and recover their fatigue. They also have longer lifespans than humans like the elves. Being a separate humanoid race rather than a condition on humans, the vampires have no weakness over sunlight and holy weapons.

Anthropomorphic races

Note than in this context, the word "were" in some races' names does not mean that they are shapeshifters (the word "were" historically was used to refer to adult males, so the word here means "men").

The werewolves are a proud, honorable race that takes form of anthropomorphic wolves, but unlike common depictions of werewolves, they are always stuck in this form and have no weaknesses over silver weapons, being a separate anthropomorphic race rather than a condition on humans.

The kobolds are an easygoing, kind and trustful race that takes form of anthropomorphic dogs. They greatly valued freedom, family and friendship.

The weretigers are a conservative race that takes form of anthropomorphic tigers.

The werecats are a carefree, playful and outgoing race that takes form of anthropomorphic cats.

The lizardmens are a resourceful race that takes form of anthropomorphic lizards. They are the terrestrial cousin of the naga that are more open to changes in their way of life.

The naga are an amphibious race that takes form of anthropomorphic snakes/serpents, much like the Naga in the Warcraft universe. They are the aquatic cousin of the lizardmen who upholds their traditional values highly.

The bearmens are a gentle race that takes form of anthropomorphic bears, much like the Furbolg in the Warcraft universe.

The boarmens are a rustic, backward race that takes form of anthropomorphic boars, much like the Quillboar in the Warcraft universe.

That's all for now. Feel free to add any thoughts and suggestions, and I will further update the informations about every aspect of the world in future posts.

Posted by: Tobę 30 Jun 2016, 1:48

IF you're looking to make a map, this site is perfect; .

Posted by: nikitazero678 30 Jun 2016, 12:53

Thanks for the link, but I am now has yet to think of making the world's geographic features, and are still thinking on its name and how it would be.

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