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Posted by: 3rdShockArmy 30 Sep 2019, 0:45

DISCLAIMER: This isn't about politics. This is about the fact that MARS has supernatural prediction skills.

So, is Trump's speech at the UN.

As I said, it has nothing to do with politics. I'm interested in something else. Thus far, MARS' predictions have been creepily accurate. As we all know, he is a highly-educated, very well-informed and, above all, an intelligent guy. So it comes as no surprise to see him have the ability to predict things based on his analytical prowess.

As a journalist and someone who really likes both history and geopolitics, I have this ability myself. Just as many other people do. However, predicting Trump and his isolationist policies in the late 2000s, when even Obama was the "new guy" is downright scary. I can't remember the name of the RotR-verse US President who started the process, but he very much reminds me of Trump. And I've been following the whole RotR lore years before Trump became the President. So MARS, whenever you're free and willing, I'd really like to know how you did it.

Posted by: Star_Abraham 22 Oct 2019, 10:51

The US going "isolationist" was an upcoming trend as keeping the bretton woods system is a drain on the American economy as a whole

And the inevitable energy independence

MARS didn't predict it, he simply isn't in a bubble of BS that the modern MSM and commie-circle-jerks are into.

Posted by: Maelstrom 22 Oct 2019, 11:47

Please stop necroing old topics.

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