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141th guards “The Honey Badgers” armoured brigade, created some lore for the federation
mr jacket
post 2 May 2018, 19:38
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Got bored so wrote this lore up on a fictional armoured brigade for fun hope y enjoy it

141th guards “the honey badgers” armoured brigade

While most Russian formations can trace their formation to some point during the 2nd world war and all of the heroics the 141th armoured brigade was a new force set up to test Armata equipment and show the wonders of a modern full time fighting force to the Russian military , it would go from being a green formation to being one of the Russians premier brigades, it would also go from being one of made up of full times soldiers to one of conscripts and harden veterans.

The 141th guards was formed in early 2020 in western military district, its formation was not due to some military need but one of crafty politics and show. The new Armata equipment was being slowly rolled out, but as soon as the first units where given to combat unit’s things went south. At first it was the odd bug or glitch something to be expected form a new piece of military hardware especially cutting-edge equipment. The glitches where quickly fixed, this soothed worrying minds, and many hoped the Armata would be a tank that would be equal to if not better than anything in the world.

Unfortunately, the issues with the Armata grew, electronics would glitch out, engines would start at Random due to network bugs or worse the unmanned turret would have discharge at random. [editor note the discharge of the gun has been over stated and has only happened in 2 occasions. One where the gunner had no training and pushed the serval buttons at random and the second where there was party and over 100 family sized bottles of vodka later did the crew discharge the tanks gun in to their commanding officers house causing no causalities but destroying a serval sets of friends and dignities of all though involved]

While the design was sound the engineering was not, behind the scenes the Armata successful features and designed was undermined by cost cutting and over complication due to over designs. The Armata was too complex to be a mainline combat system.

It was not long till word got out of the Armata issues, many Russian armoured units would take the Armata then swiftly disable them, stripping out here engines and guns and instead use mothballed t-72 or other tanks.

By the time word reached the kremlin it had moved in to a full-blown crisis, the kremlin’s instead of clamping down on the rumours decide on a subtler approach. If they clamped down on the rumour it would merely add fuel to the fire what they needed was some good press.

The creation of the 141th guards was as publicity stunt, the unit was first and foremost a propaganda unit. The unit was made up off full time professional and was meant to show of the wonders of the modern Russians military while also at the same time bigging up and soothe the rumours of the Armata failures with the failures being sated that it was down to faulty systems and conscripts.

The unit where ever it went enhanced by the pass becoming so to speak the Russian poster boy for the Armata system.
The steady stream of good press forms the unit did sooth some of the fears though the Armata system was slowly wonded down and production shifted to upgrading current Russians systems due to economic crisis.

The units history is one filled with parades and state visits than heroic battle, the unit would surprising play no role in 2028 troubles despite being earmarked as solidly presidential unit it did nothing to support the incumbent president merely confining itself to barracks.

The new commander
With the new president in charge the Russians military was rognasied the Russian general staff freed form the its political shackled, it intuited a series of pragmatic military reforms that improvised the performance.

The 141th guards seemed to be the perfect unit for the chopping block as the Russian army reformed many of its units in to serval of all arms division of mixed regular and conscript units.

There were few brigades made up of solely professional soldiers but they had long history’s and combat expertise, the 141th had none and rumours of being a hold over form the last president did little to make it friends in the kremlins.

The saviour of the brigade came in the form of mad major gerneal.

Yutilov Roman (Roma) Yanovich has a lot of history attached to him ad rather than covering his childhood and early life the editor belief that a list so his deeds would be better suited.

- When lieutenant once led a bayonet charges aignsit fortified GLA position [ somehow a victory]
- As a captain once got rid of Chinese’s border potion with nonviolent use of
- as major dealt hostages situation by “loud and excess use of the song dance dance revolution which after 5 days and 4 nights forced the terrorist to surrender without a shot being fired”
- As a colonel dealt with a wild bear issues with “use of self-propelled artillery with canister rounds”

The while odd he was however welled noted as trainer and a good officer if a little unorthodox. Him being put in charges of the 141th was seen as a way of punishing the 141th while getting it combat ready and placing the rather odd commander somewhere useful and more importantly out of the way.

The commander while made great strides with the unit, combat readiness improved, the unit received an influx of combat veterans and new equipment improving the previous sagging morale.


Brigade HQ
1st recon platoon
1st heavy AA platoon
1st engineer company
1st logistic and signal platoon

1st armoured battalion
Battalion HQ
1ST armoured company
2nd armoured company
1st motor rifle company
1st light SPAAG platoon
1st armoured recovery platoon

2nd armoured battalion
Battalion HQ
3rd armoured company
4th armoured company
2nd motor rifle company
2nd light SPAAG platoon
2nd armoured recovery platoon

1st motor rifle battalion
Battalion HQ
5th armoured company
3rd motor rifle company
4th motor rifle company
3rd light SPAAG platoon
3rd armoured recovery platoon

1st artillery battalion
Battalion HQ
1st self propelled gun battery
2nd self propelled gun battery
1st MRL battery

19585th armoured heavy company [added in 2045/46]
Hq platoon
1st armoured heavy platoon
2nd armoured heavy platoon
4th armoured recovery platoon


With the Ukraine civil war heating up again it was not long before Russians army was sent in to the region as “peacekeepers” and the 141th was called to action to defend Russian interest.

The 141th fought serval skirmish and would to take part in the major’s bale as they were considered to mostly rear security thought they were noted for being aggressive

In to Poland: the hussar vs the lancer
When Russia drew up the war plans for the invasion of Europe, it drew them up with pragmatic lessons in mind the Russian military plan was brutal and pragmatic. The Europe nations had time for preparation new defensives had been build and satellite images showed the forward deployment of units, however there was still a gap the deployment of central ECA forces to the east a time for them to rush units forward. The Russian federation plan would relay in speed, surprise and over whelming force something the Russian army had in spades to crush the ECA forces in the east before they could muster then rush west.

The war plans and wargames focused on a series of hard knock out blows for each nation designed to Cleve though each nation, battering them down and inflicting as much casualties as they could be avoiding and encircle major centres of restiances while crushing key centres of commutation.

With a degree of grim humour, the polish campaign was called “sabre” named after the heavy Calvary sword used for hacking and slashing. When war happen in 2045 I came as no surprise to the polish units who had been on stand by for such a thing what came as a suspires was the sheer force and speed.

Soviet units smashed aside border defences with little heed for casualties driving forward in to the open countryside spurred on to claim objectives.

The polish army had been rebuilt form the days of the EU in to a tough force. The polish army was rebuilt under of the policy of Every man was under arms with a choice of serving a short term in a home defences unit [ a mostly static fortress unit] or in a regular army unit [ mostly offense armoured units]

This worked to polish advantage in the wargames where enemy units would be bogged down by the layers of defences only to be pushed back and blunted the counterstrokes of mobile forces, unfortunately the sheers size and weight simple over whelmed them and polish forces where pushed back.

The 141th guards where part of the 20th guards motor army pushed forward to Wroclaw a key military depot and HQ, by passing Krowos the 20th guard army out ran or by passed many polish units pushing on in an offensive spirt.

At the for front of the advance was the 141th out running their own army by 2 days they were almost within sight of worclaw when distaer stroke.

The war of the polish front expended units at a worrying rate polish reserves where fed in to the fire of war as fast as they could be recalled and as the polish army was being crushed there was two units however that could stop the 20th army.

At a small village outside the city of Wroclaw the 14th lancer and the 12th armoured where mustering being recalled, both brigades where rearming and awaiting orders to roll out , both units where over strength as stragglers-joined the unit ready to face the Russian.

The 141th numbered 5,000 men in total and was facing almost 2/3 more of around 13,000 men.

However, if the brigade’s records are true it did not concern the commander who merely laughed like a madman and shouted “yes a perfect target”

Wasting little time, he ordered scouts to keep an eye on the units Roma gave a rushed briefing to his officers at his command tank as his units caught up.

Each battalion would form one axis of attack and aim to encircle or crush the polish army there was no time for flashy tactic if the two polish brigades got their act together they might be used against the 20th tank army further up or worse dig in and slow things down. The only option was attack, there was no waiting they would attack at dusk.

The commanders where nervous but Roma had pulled them through before and they had for the moment surprise on their side and with that they waited for dusk.

As the polish brigades settled down for the night, they dream became night mares the sound of heavy engines awoke them to their doom. The Russian bear was close closer than they though

Charging out of the dusk and in to the mist of the them the polish had little time to man defences as many where cut down they were stood. The 14th hussar where the worst off for the two brigades, newly deployed it was maned by mostly reservists and while the commander had not been ideal digging his units in to favourable terrain with the failed to estabilise strong outposts or suitable sight his anti-weapon.
Of course, it will never be known what Going through his mind as the commanding officer was killed with his command staff trying to rally his men. The 14th lancer buckled on the weight of the Russian bear who moved in for the kill closing in to hand to hand combat, many Russian tank crews simple used their tanks treads as weapons to destroy billets or crush pillboxes on top there occupants nothing it seemed stand up there fury.

The death of the 14th hussar did however alert he somewhat better prepared 12th armoured who sallied forth to save what they could.

In the night the Russian hussar duled with polish lancer, fighting was confusing and up-close tanks often passing with in inches of easy other in the gloom. The polish where at a disadvantage fighting among panicky men who’s retreat slowed the incoming 12th the polish where struggling while their Russian adversity could barely turn without hitting something that had a polish flag.

The 12th armoured and 141th duelled for a good hour in to the night the fighting grew as more polish units joined the fray the rolling hills and woods echoing with the sounds of tanks shells and rockets.

By midnight it appeared that each side had given their worse.

The 141th had claimed many kills and had broken one bridges and carved off chunks of the other but Roma was in danger of losing control of his units as they spread out too far in the night. Giving chase to stragglers the 12th armour in turn where in danger of incurring the wrath of incoming Russian armour divisions.

Both units slowly withdrew in the night leaving to lick their wounds.
The battle of Worclow would be a Russian victory with the 141th having saved the flanked of the 20th army and had opened the way for the taking of Worclow. The battle was not all sunshine athe remains of the 12th armoured put in to affect a brutal scorched earth tactic where anything that could help the Russian armed forces was torched.

Germany: over the rivers and far away

The victories in Poland had earned the 141th a reputation as a fast aggressive unit that was willing to stand up to larger units earn it the nick name the honey badgers. The 141th riding on the success of the battles could see what lay before it as a victory though now there a hard slog ahead for the next.

With cold calculation the ECA seeing the ease in which the Russian forces pushed through Poland started to instead mass on the Oder river than save its polish allies, using it as a natural barriers, units sent over the river where sacrificed to perform scorched earth tactics, save polish civilians and soldiers and buy time for the rebuilding of defences on the Oder rivers.

The Oder river was formidable barrier the Russian army that’s before had to cross in the defences the river was fast, deep and in many places inaccessible.

The Russian army plan focused on the use of waves the first wave would secure a bridge head, the second would break though and the third would be a reverse or need though breakthrough.

The 141th guards was regular and well trained and still up to strength was elected to lead the first wave. The crossing would take place near Cottbus as it was a way of out flanking and going around berlin.

The brigade was formed up and ready, but this would be different from Poland, the ECA where dug in they knew where and when they Russian where coming and had reserves ready to stop the Russian

On the august of 5th the brigade began it assault, the tanks stormed forward over the river, taking pot shots at dug in leopard across the river, artillery thundered down blasting ECA position while fighters duelled in the air.

Casualties where heavy, the engineer company losing half its numbers erecting serval ribbon bridges over the Oder to get brigade across.

The 3rd motor rifle battalion of the 141th thundered forward their maulers allowing for them to secures the far bank.
The terrain around the 141th worked aignsit them, the land on either side of the river was flat flood plains, with the ECA side having a series of low hills that looked down on to the flood plains. With the main hill in front of the brigade being dubbed the molehill being made in to a fortress.

The ECA choose to make here stand here putting them just outside of Russian artillery, the hills where a honey comb of dug outs with their commanding height allowing for them to sweep the flood plain below with fire.

The motor rifle battalion took heavy causalities toughing itself over the river then again trying to storm the formation potion and few forward positions moving forward looking to taking the molehill.

The story of the molehill remains one of the tragedies of the brigade the motor rifles battalion was too lightly armoured to take the hills, and within range of what must of felt like every gun in the ECA army the motor rifle battalion was reduced from 700 to around 120 give or take a few with only 3 maulers left.

Though left where reduced to hugging wrecks and ruins to hold on to the thin breach head, when the ribbon bridge was constructed the 1st armoured battalion was rushed across the river to hold on merely adding more fodder to the guns. It was the rushing of the 1st heavy company of golem tanks and 1 Sentinel tank that was attached the brigade that gave it the breathing space.

Still pinned near the across on the rest of the brigade was stuck in a night mare trying to cross there way forward. it was night that saved the brigades, the ECA faced a breakthrough in serval fronts choosing to withdraw in the night though not without trouble as Roma felt that attempt and so the ECA rear-guard was savaged by the 2nd fresh battalion that had mallet its way around.

The fight took most of the wind out of the sail with the 141th being almost halved, the brigade was ruined as a fighting forces with only tis artillery battery and 2nd tank battalion and heavy company in any fit state to perform any combat.

The 141th as rotated out of the front and sent by train to southern military district to be rebuilt on the way to fight the odd battle with partisans [ Germany, Poland, Ukraine] here it would send the year rebuilding.

France: The new Verdun

The war in France as going poorly for the Russian there winning but at a cost cold logic and defences where depleting Russian manpower as the EA made them pay for blood for each metre.

Units where now being sent in to combat without time to rebuild or train, the 141th was rushed back to fill the left in the 20th army. Most of he armies where filling the gap with green units or in some case so called foreign volunteer units of varying quality.

As the Russian army ground tis way forward to France the France army prepared to give tis lasts ironic a big ply would come at the historical site of Verdun.
The city of Verdun had been turned in to key ECA research and production centre which was key in manticore project.

Unlike the Verdun of ww1 fame the modern Verdun would not be taken the surroding area was well protected and though the fort of Verdun was useless the town and its surrounding hills where not and serval strong points where pain staking constructed over the course of serval months to turn the surrounding area [ dubbed the Verdun fortress area] in to an anvil on which the Russian army would be broken.

The 20th army was discovering how it was working as the 20th army was banging’s its head aignsit the Verdun fortress area with whole battalions being butchered as they slogged there way though the layer defensives as they tried to breach the area in to the Verdun.

He 141th was unjustly needed traveling utterly and with speed it was then they were near the border of Germany and France that the ECA counter attacked.

The commander of the Verdun, General Francis Perkins waiting for the Russian army to exhaust themselves, before he launched his counter attack on the flanks near the village of Coton , where the weak under equipped 76th motor rifle brigade where stationed.

The 76th where all but wiped out in the ensuring counter attack as the General unleashes 3 divisions sized ECA battlegroups called archer, centurion and dragoon.

The 20th army supply route ran along the m43 a long well-built road, it was perfect for the suppling the 20th army as supply convoys raced up and down the road bringing, bullet, blood and bandages to the army. This route controlled the supplies if the out was cut off the 20th would rot and die.

Seeing the danger of being cut off the 20th army peeled off serval units to aid the 141th, while the federation command sent troops to save the beleaguered army.

With little help the 141th dig in along he road, choosing to centre it around 3 strong points of Petersburg, Moscow and Ural.

The situation seemed to be in reverse, instead of reviling on heavy army and on the attack, they were no on the defensives where they would have to revile on the induvial skill of new recruits while the ECA would be on the attack where they would have to attack dug in positions.

The 3 strong points occupied either high ground or villages with Kashtan positions and dunkers aignsit he over whelming might of the ECA.

The ECA had an issues thought much of the battlegroups where made up of sole armour as they infantry and artillery where used I the defence of the fortress zone leaving the armour as the main power.

Archer attacking Petersburg, centurion attacking Ural and dragoon attacking Moscow. Here fate came along a heavy storm bought by freak weather raged or the battle field and while it denied the federate use of its air force it also disrupted command and control of the ECA, bogging down armour.

The battle was bloody mess that is beyond t work in this book and since each battle field takes place almost in a vacuum as ECA sight to cut off the positions, we will refer to each in turn.

At Petersburg, the troops where dug in on the hilltop village overlooking the route the ECA units approach but waited till night fall before attacking. The battle raged over the hill top as ECA armour struggled to camber at the hill.
All the Russian units had to do is to sit there as disoriented ECA tried to crawl their way up the hill.
It does not go the Russians way as the ECA is success in fighting their way in to the village, but they are unable to push themselves off the hill.

At Ural the battlegroup took position in a village on a mostly open plain and here it as the worst was to happen, where the majority of the tanks and the heavy company of the brigade was.
In the storm the battle took place Kodiaks, golems and a Sentinel “the iron will” fought aignsit leopards of the ECA army.

The Ural position they were over run by the sheer weight of the ECA army with most of the force being wiped out leaving no more than 23 men out of 1,500, 1 mauler out of the 67 armoured vehicles and a ruined golem that with the rest of the forces failing in battle.

Urals stiff defence did allow for the ECA to be forced to dig in and hold on instead of moving to help other attack.

At Moscow they occupied a river crossing a key bridge that was key crossing over deep running local river dubbed by the Russians “little golem” [ here’s are serval rivers in the areas and it is unclear which river they mean to in this]

Here the forces were the personal commander of Roma the forces met the ECA in the flood plains nearby fighting it out in much as they could in a counter attack with each force duking it out in close combat the broken ground.

The armour was not enough the weight of ECA pushed them slowly ever backwards even with its lack of air support and artillery they were able to push them back slowly, with defaces crushed by waves of leopard tanks soon the ECA occupied one side of the bridges and the Russians the others.

Counting the cost
The dawn bought a let up, the VDV bought an air mobile brigade and the Russian air supplied as much air support as they could.

The fight was in a snus over the ECA counter attack had been stalled and the forces with baring the forces in the Ural who would cut off the supplies high way for a good week before being support and with drawing.

The battle was in a sense the saviour of the 20th army having fought for almost 12 hours of hectic combat and been supported and isolated the 141th brigades had fought off the worse of the 141th could do and keep the supply open as much as they.

This was not though would without its cost

Of the 5,000 men and 95 Kodiak tanks, 20 golem and 1 Sentinel tanks, the 60 maulers and 30 Tunguska, 10 grumbles, 10 Buratino , 20 Gorgon, 20 weasels, 20 badger recover vehicles there was only:

823 combats ready or capable of fighting, over 2,300 wounded with the rest dead or missing.
7 combat ready Kodiak with 6 recoverable and the rest destroyed or beyond repair.
Of the heavy tank company there was 1 recoverable golem with the rest including the Sentinel destroyed.
Of the maulers, 2 in running order with 2 recoverable and rest destroyed
Of the 10 grumbles, 10 Buratino, 10 weasels 20 Gorgon and 20 badger’s recovery vehicles
Only 1 tunsika 2 Gorgon where left.

Form the battle of the supply route m43, over 33 heroes of the Russian federation where given 28 of them posthumously.

The bridges had over the course of tis history gone form a green brigade hated by all to a force of battle harden veterans love y all.

The battle had also claimed a life with Roma being killed when his command tank was stuck by a claymore artillery barraged killing the command team and the vernal. In way many say it was for the better as he was not able to see what had become of his brigade, better for him to die thinking the bridge had done it duty then live to see what was left.

The brigade’s colours and the commanders body where taken back to Moscow where they were interned in the brigades barracks and cemetery to remined future soldiers of the heroics of the brigades.

The bridge was reformed though due to pressing corns of the war not as armoured brigade but as fortress unit manning one of the many bunkers that doted Europe’s coast the brigade still lived on and still lived up to its name when the ECA retook Frances.

It was 141th brigade the honey badgers.

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post 2 May 2018, 20:06
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Which general are they connected to? Also who leads them?

I just skimmed it over and I'll give a full read later.

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mr jacket
post 2 May 2018, 21:00
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They are not under a spefic general though I would say Advanced Weapons General Aleksandr since they have golem tanks, and commander is mentioned in there
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post 2 May 2018, 21:58
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Alright well after checking it out I'll suggest a few things,

-I also do typos but yours is a tad too much, same with punctuation
-Read more of the lore
-Ask about the lore if you don't know or want to know
-Make sure It fits on how the world works, which in same cases works like In game while at other times works completely differently (US armed forces don't use rangers as basic Infantry, only most that get overseas are elite or there are German Infantry too)
-Make sure your sentences end well and your sure where its going.

Otherwise I think with abit more polishing you got a decent story

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mr jacket
post 2 May 2018, 23:05
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-Ok will edit at some ppoint to bring it up to snuff
-sure will do
-not sure where I went wrong with the lore I thought I had gotten it mostly right can you give me some pointers
- will do

ok thank you will do
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