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Who are best players for each faction?
post 15 Apr 2017, 10:16
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My friends and me want to check some replays on here and gentools to watch some good level play. The problem is I don't know people here too great. So who are the greatest best at each faction and how is person good and their style ( what does he or she do ) ? Me and my friends are curious to learn smile.gif
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post 15 Apr 2017, 10:36
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Dejavu, I've been in this thread before
Higher up the stakes I know I can get this viper to go!

Jokes aside I'd say Im the best Thorn like US general mixed in with Griffon like airforce gameplay.Im just allergic to commanches and think they're overrated but I use blackhawks/Vipers/Nighthawks well enough to give you nightmares.

My Recon drops are what people fear smile.gif
Also Im like one of the few people who considers Tommahawks artillery, and uses them agaisnt any faction.

Also Im the Bike general for GLA, trying to master the art of the mercenaries from Jie

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post 15 Apr 2017, 10:49
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Hi there , This topic been brought up before and the players didnt change ;p

(this topic is old but players mentioned in it worth to look for)

*Thought i`d make a short replay.

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Xeres :
medium level players cant last vs a high level player for more than 10 min, and can't replicate the "OP" scenarios yourselves... but still have the "time" to come here and post balance changes.
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post 15 Apr 2017, 11:03
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My answer is quite subjective, based on what I saw during streams/matches I played:

Best players by faction:
- USA: RikerZZZ: Excellent micro-management, usage of a wide array of units, not just spamming Humvees. Spectacular air shows, good at fast attacks, good at heavy attacks.
- China: Knjaz: He invented the concept of hacker farms tongue.gif. More seriously, he is very keen on massing units and rolling over his opponent. Good mig management as well.
- GLA: Jie: Constant harassement over vital points. She will drive you mad with rocket buggies constantly sniping your units/defenses. Also very good use of infantry (especially Mercenaries), for surprise attacks. A true artist in terms of psychological warfare.
- Russia: Knjaz: Very dangerous once his secondary eco is ready. He plays also by the theme of the faction here (brute force). Excellent macro-management, has a talent for mass production. Once his army is ready, it is very difficult to stop.
- ECA: Mizo: He has an almost perfect balance between attack and defense. He is very good with Claymore/Howitzer use, very hard to break his lines once they are up.

Honorable mentions (not sorted):
- (USA)Bruce: Good player with USA and Russia. He focuses on infantry management, via transports, and does it quite well.
- XAttus: Good GLA and China player. Relies more on micro-management than macro-management, making him very good in small-scale engagements. Late-game, he likes China's super heavy tanks.
- Hanfield: Good Russia player. Has some very unusual tactics, that are different from the usual "spam heavies and roll over ennemies".
- Skitt: Good ECA player. Focuses mainly on defense. He likes to set up impenetrable walls, and then use motorized inftantry to kill his opponent
- GeneralAziz: Brute-force styled GLA player. Uses Quads and Buggies EN MASSE. Problem is, he lacks "creativity". Efficient, but not as "artistic" as Jie.

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post 15 Apr 2017, 13:37
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Me, best player 4 everything, so good I don't have replays

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post 17 Apr 2017, 17:12
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That topic aziz posted is kinda old...
There have been lots of changes since end of 1.86 and into 1.87

I don't play at all currently due to an injury, and until I recover I can't play..
But a month ago when I was on..

Marakar hands down is the best player of rotr, hes like the SiZe of zh, for this mod
RikerZZZ is the only one I've seen to give him a challenge, Riks timezone sucks so it's hard to keep up with the latest strats

Both of them play random, and are good at every faction, which makes them top dogs, vs others who only play a few factions well, and their strategies are a bit repetitive.

Marakar, plays smart, lots of game knowledge and hes got fast apm
Rik i think has good strategy, his apm is a little lower, but he outsmarts opponents

As far as the next player, Bruce when hes having a good day, his strats are probably the most creative, and he might loose a game, but only cuz hes trying out new things, and doesn't play standard build orders all the time. His gameplay is more of an "art" he also plays random

Those three are the best, in my opinion. and if you want to learn to play the best, just watch their replays

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Hecthor Doomhamm...
post 18 Apr 2017, 14:00
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Spectator faction: me! tongue.gif

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post 20 Apr 2017, 14:34
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USA: Red Army, amazing micro, amazing air spam capability, and is extremely potent when hes playing in his prime.

China: Knjaz/E_Coli, always has great micro, can transition to T1 aggressive China if he feels like it, understands the game at an in-depth level and knows crucial calculations like how many migs does X take to kill it for example. Latter is also able to apply the same yet is a tad more aggressive than Knjaz.

GLA: Aziz, powerful macro, powerful strategic thinking. He likes to adapt when neccesary and uses both his units and GPs at an extremely effective level.

ECA: Mizo/Skitt, both are extremely powerful ECA players. Former is more effective at playing mechanized ECA with aggression, latter is stronger with playing Willem-oriented ECA with his mortar pit walls biggrin.gif

Russia: Hanfield/Knjaz, former is able to play an excellent midgame as well as lategame, abusing coilums to the max! Latter is able to play the eco game and steam roll nicely through macro and defensive positioning.

Honorable Mentions:

Rik: Good with all factions across the board, is very flexible in terms of strategy, and knows how to play aggressive at an extremely high level of play.
Bruce: Unorthodox strategist that is able to make use of interesting combos and strategies such as Rebel Bikes and Humvee/Ambo Combo.
Jie: Pure Guerrilla Warfare GLA, exceptionally good at micro.
Xattus: Pretty damn strong with GLA and China, plays the macro game like Knjaz yet is more aggressive than him, making him have an edge.


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post 20 Apr 2017, 18:12
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one thing thats not been pointed out, yet people are listing testers.
maja is after players for there replays.
the testers are mainly playing on a set of custom inis to test balance changes which are not public. replays from us wont work without these ini's.

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post 21 Apr 2017, 2:09
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QUOTE (Skitt @ 20 Apr 2017, 20:12) *
one thing thats not been pointed out, yet people are listing testers.
maja is after players for there replays.
the testers are mainly playing on a set of custom inis to test balance changes which are not public. replays from us wont work without these ini's.

Well, those replays are easily distinguishible, since it's written in replay list which game version replay is using.
It gets more complicated with all those map tests....

This post has been edited by Knjaz.: 21 Apr 2017, 2:10
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post 30 Apr 2017, 5:19
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a man who play videogames, What are you waiting for me?

And Zunzero an forgotten player tongue.gif

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post 2 May 2017, 1:43
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Jie gameplay style sounds like the things I like to do with GLA. But I've never seen her on youtube replays. Any recommendation?

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post 2 May 2017, 2:00
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pls join my games im lonely =c

get online and play her


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