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Shockwave PvP & Balance Thread, Focusing on Shockwave PvP aspect
post 17 Mar 2016, 15:40
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Have you wanted to discuss Shockwave PvP issues with the team? Is there some sort of game-breaking issue you would like to report but don't know where to report it? This is the place.

With agreement on the idea of this thread, I have decided to take the liberty of creating a thread that discusses PvP balance issues. As some of you may or may not, with every Mod comes the possibility of imbalances within the gameplay, and as seen around the community, we have players who are keen to solving these issues but haven't really gotten the chance to explain the problem in-depth in the correct forum. With the creation of this thread, this will allow all players to report any PvP imbalances in this thread, as long as they are reasonable and follow the guidelines below.

The main goals of this thread is:

- To address issues of PvP imbalance, and understanding what is the root of the problem.
- Looking into possible solutions in order to resolve PvP imbalance issues.

If there is a PvP imbalance issue of some sort that you have found, then replying in this thread in the following format and I will update the main list in order to display it. The following would be optimally included in these PvP balance issue posts:

- Stating the problem (Is the problem a specific unit? Listing the important stats of the unit may help such as cost)
- Looking into how the problem is countered possibly (does it force a very specific play style? Is it uncounterable vs specific factions?)
- Providing replays of the problem (if possible, but it may help)
- Looking into possible solutions of the problem (Nerfs/Buffs to build time, build cost, damage output, etc.)
- Any other information that you feel may be important to mention.

In practice, it would look something like this optimally:


(Problem with the unit explained, the more relevant details the easier it is to look into.)

(Possible proposed solution if you can think of any such as damage nerf, cost increase, etc. Just a general idea.)

(Evidence to support claim if possible, may be obvious within some units but if it is not a common issue mentioned then it would definitely help.)

If the post gets looked into, the response may look something like this:

RESULTS (Of testing multiple PvP games.)

(Conclusion of the problem, answering whether the unit is underpowered/overpowered and just wrapping up the problem with a statement to close the case.)

This is a general idea of what sorts of things should be discussed in these posts, and aren't the exact guidelines. This sort of information is just ways that it may help the Shockwave Team understand the problem clearly, as certain details are important. If you feel as though there is a better way to explain the problem, then feel free to do it that way (as long as we can understand it and there is some sort of explanation, it should work).
















Demo Marauder:

QUOTE (Squak)
Having a calliope on the back of the tank, the Demo Marauder is deemed to be a unit that is in heavy need of a nerf. With the ability to fire rockets in order to counter infantry, making it a prominent force within GLA mirrors as well as the ability to destroy China Factions as a single Dragon Tank that gets caught skyrockets the power of the Demo Marauder (Scrap 1 provides a 2nd barrel, Scrap 2 doubles the damage of each rocket from the calliope). As Battle tanks from China such as Battlemasters are simply inefficient at killing the Marauder due to being able to solo it, the Tank General in particular suffers way too much from the Marauder as the tank can simply outmaneuver the Elite Battlemasters or Warmasters after firing its barrage of rockets. Due note that Infantry as a counter is out of the picture, as rocket troops will simply get eradicated by the calliope. This also means that listening outposts fighting against salvaged marauders have minimal chance of victory, even if the marauder is just scrap 1. The marauder countering a Dragon Tank is fine, but the main problem is how it is able to not only snowball so quickly in terms of strength with salvage but also how much of a force it is to reckon as the base unit itself without salvage.


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