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Shockwave Challenge bugs, What I think is buggy/wrong about the Shockwave 1.2 challenges
post 5 Feb 2017, 23:41
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I've played the challenge series (on hard mode) with every army now (2 times with GLA Stealth), and I've encountered the same problems with each army.

Against the China Nuke general:
- You have access to 3 supply depots and 4 oil derricks, which provide way (waaaay) more then neccesary resources. Yet Tao doesn't really attack you. Every now and then a helix, a few MIGS, a Battlemaster, some infantry or some Nuke Cannons will show up, but they are not proving to be any resistance. You can easily outplay them with your huge economic advantages and the fortress north of your base.
- In the intro movie the main Nuclear Missle won't launch/explode (whatever), which leaves you with 2 to 4 yellow couloured tanks you can control (tanks you sometimes can't even build with the army you're playing).
- The first Nuclear Missle timer starts at 3:00 minutes. It will count down to 0:00 and then won't do anything. At that same moment the second Nuclear Missle timer shows up, also at 0:00. After this the other 3 Nuclear Missles show up, each after their own time, all with their counter on 0:00. They won't launch, no matter how long you wait.
- The two nuke wagons, the one at the refinery and the one in the defences to the east of that, can't be targeted or captured (not even by a GLA Terrorist/Hijacker). I think it would be more fun if you were able to capture them, or at least target them to be able to play it safe.
- When I played with GLA Stealth, I had the feeling Tao was sending even less troops then he already was.
- If you destroy enough of Tao's nuclear reactors, he will fall in the state of ''low power''. When he does, he says something like: ''Oh general, if you sell off any more buildings I will win by default.'' This is a fairly odd bug.

Against the China Special Weapons general:
- Leang won't send Burratino's or Hammer Cannons to your base. When you build/capture her Tank Factory and build some Burratino's yourself, they will stay put at the place of spawning inside the factory. They can't be moved, even if you sell off the factory.
- The amount of tanks/Tiger Sharks per attack should be lowered and the amount of attacks should be higher.
- After a certain point, which I'm still not sure of, Leang will eventually stop rebuilding her base (she still has a shitload of cash left though. I checked that with a LOT of saboteurs). After a long, undefined time she will begin reconstructing again.
- There are 3 power plants next to the supply depot beneath her higer placed base (on her side of the bridge). One to the left and two to the right. If these are destroyed, the dozer rebuilding them will instantly spawn at the building site.

Against the China Tank general:
- The amount of tanks/infantry sent to you are nicely balanced. After a short while though, Kwai stops building/sending anything. This leaves you with a blank game and every possibilty to get all the supply crates on the map.
- There is a dysmal chance Kwai sends MIG's (or Helixes). I've barely encountered them. They should be sent more often.

Against the USA Super Weapon general:
- There is a bridge to the main base of Alexis, but she won't send the tanks (or infantry) that are made in her base. The only attacks arriving are the Commanches and Aurora Bombers, and the two sneak attacks at the east side of the base.
- If playing with GLA Stealth, Aurora Bombers won't come to your base unless there's something visible. This primarily is fair, but seems unfair in the long run. I'm not sure if this can be seen as an issue.

Against the USA Laser general:
- If playing with GLA Stealth, and if your entire base is upgraded with Camo Netting (and units with GPS Scrambler), Townes will fire his Particle Uplink Cannon onto his OWN base. He won't target his own buildings or defences, but unlucky Commanches flying over are taken down. At rare occasions he might target a civilian building if your troops are garrisoned inside.

Against the USA Airforce general:
- At the east of your base is the bridge off your island. On both sides there's a brown civilian hut to be found, garrisonable by 10 men. The hut at YOUR side of the island can't be shot by enemy ground forces (mainly non-artillery tanks) because the lower right tower of the bridge blocks projectiles.
- Granger should gain a Tank Factory and send land waves every now and then.
- If you follow pure turtle tactics, you can win this challenge by default because eventually Granger won't send anything anymore. He has cash overflowing though, I checked that with saboteurs.

Against the GLA Toxin general:
- It is relatively hard to defend yourself after about 10 minutes against the masses Thrax is sending to you. I think this should become more balanced. I also think here should be a second supply depot on the main starting island because the main problem I keep encountering is a weak economy. Either a new supply depot or a higher supply count on the main depot will do.
- The two oil derricks near your base are hard to defend since they will be the prime target of everything sent to you, so it adds a certain difficulty in gaining wealth.
- If playing with GLA Stealth, and if your entire base is upgraded with Camo Netting (and units with GPS Scrambler), Thrax won't send anything. He builds all the men and tanks in his base, but he won't send them.
This is by far the most challenging general.

Against the GLA Demolition general:
- The custom rocket barrage on a standard marauder tank is too overpowered. It will pummel (groups of) infantry and your tanks won't stand a chance. Even base defences easily get destroyed by them. This can be countered by aircraft, but GLA doesn't have access to that - with Salvage in exception.
- If playing with GLA Stealth, and if your entire base is upgraded with Camo Netting (and units with GPS Scrambler), Mohmar won't send anything. He builds all the men and tanks in his base, but he won't send them.
- If you shoot out a driver with Jarman Kell, the frontal plain tank will prevent the following tanks from proceeding. This is logical. I tried building a SCUD Storm next to the rest of the tanks, but they wouldn't attack it because they were waypointed towards whatever they were targeting. Only the suicidal motorcycles might change their target, but not in every scenario.

In general about the challenges:
- I've noticed that a lot of the abilities are disabled, bugged or lead to somewhere off the map. Kwai, Townes and Alexis for example aren't using any abilities. I've seen numerous planes on the map though, for example in the Toxin challenge. His anthrax bomb is thrown outside the map parameters beneath your Headquarters, but it kills GLA workers collecting from the supply depot. In the Demolotion challenge I've seen the demo trap plane fly in a straight line at the bottom of the map, from east to west.
- In a lot of cases, close to winning a challenge, the opposing general more frequently throws harassing quotes at you. I've even encountered scenarios where there were literally two buildings left and the quotes would still prevail. This is a bit of a shame, since it doesn't make you feel like winning.
- Only Thrax sends Jarman Kell and only Townes sends Colonel Burton. It would be nice if other armies did the same thing.

About the game in general:
- You've made the rockets of the Topol Missle Launchers invincible. This means China has an invincible artillery piece (Hammer Cannon), and GLA has one. I think it should be fair if you gave USA an equivalent artillery piece.
- In skirmish, GLA Salvage will send sick amounts of armies to you, where every other army would become idle.
- Speaking of idle, you should come up with solutions in the idling problem of the enemy (except Salvage). After a while the enemies' armies will hit a low cash reserve, after which they will completely stop attacking. 9/10 skirmishes can be won with pure turtle tactics.
- In challenge and skirmish alike, the Stinger Site defence of GLA and the Gattling Cannon defence of China sometimes get a ridiculous attack radius when attacking aircraft. Even when the aircraft is moved, the Stinger Site and Gattling Cannon might keep firing outside their normal radius.
- In addition to the Stinger Site and Gattling Cannon, the relay system of Patriot Missle Systems (P.M.S.) can be abused (Not by AI though). If you force one P.M.S. to attack another one, the attacked one fires off to a target (if there is a target) way outside its attack radius. I'd say the range is in between 2 and 3 times its normal radius. In the original Generals Zero Hour the same problem arose with the Laser Defences of Townes.
- The Quad Cannon of Salvage fires while moving.
- The Nuke Cannon of every China faction can fire while moving.
- Black Lotus of every China faction can hack while moving.
- The bug where USA Laser Rocket soldiers would fire their ability on buildings, outside the defence parameters, still exists.
- Since GLA Rocket Buggies can now fire over every terrain, perhaps their attack range should be lowered a bit.
- If the rockets of a GLA Toxin Scud Launcher are shot down by Avengers, the rockets leave a toxic stain on the ground - the same one if the rockets were to hit their target.
- If you fire a Particle Uplink Cannon somewhere, and click with a high pace, the laser beam will actually go a lot faster (AI won't do this).

Of course I'm absolutely looking forward to a China infantry challenge! I love what you guys did with Juhziz.
Maybe you can start a new or extended storyline with Ironside and Deathstrike?

I'm eager to hear from you guys since I put a lot of time into this. I really like the mod.


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