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Fan-fiction: The Nation of the Kings
Svea Rike
post 4 Dec 2017, 19:31
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Pharaohs, emperors, caliphs, dictators and presidents, Egypt has seen many different forms of rule over its millennia-spanning history. In the 21st century, Egypt would be shaken by yet more conflict and internal struggle, culminating in its once again dominance by a foreign power.


Population: 101.491.055 (2045 census)
Capital: Cairo
Leader: Mamoon Afarat

The Revolutionary Struggle (2011-2021)

The Egyptian Revolution sparked the Arab Spring, which would ultimately lead to Egypt's downfall.

In 2011, the decadent government of Hosni Mubarak was dethroned in an event known as the Egyptian Revolution. Thousands of angered citizens took to the streets of Cairo and fought against the ever-increasing oppressive regime until Mubarak was forced to step down. This event sparked a widespread geopolitical turnabout in the Middle East known as the Arab Spring. What would not have been revealed until years later, however, was that the entire event had been orchestrated by one Abdul bin Yusuuf. Yusuuf had been on the watchlist of various international police agencies from some time, as he and his enigmatic Brotherhood of the White Falcon sought an end to tyrannical bureaucratic rule in the Middle East and a return to simpler times, when the Arab world was united under a single banner. Yusuuf’s ideological creed was born on the belief that the West has since the First World War user their strength to destabilize and splinter the Middle East, in order to undermine their influence on the rest of the world. During the Second World War and later Cold War, the balance of power shifted from the once-dominating Muslim empires to irreligious superpowers. As such, Yusuuf was driven by his dream to reestablish the ancient caliphates that brought Europe to its knees.

As the Arab Spring spread throughout Near Asia, setting off civil wars and regional conflicts like so many times before, a Kazakh warlord by the name ‘Deathstrike’ founded the Global Liberation Army - an army without a nation fighting against the imperialist ambitions of the East and West. Though they would not become a blip on the world radar until 2019, revolutionary fighters from the Arab world took notice of the GLA’s promising movement as early as 2017, and pledged their allegiances to them. In Egypt, this came to be known as the Nubian Sword Brigade. The Sword Brigade was comprised of former soldiers, zealous ministers, destitute workers and inopportune students. With a strange blend of Salafist Islam, unaligned anarchism and neo-dynastic nationalism, the Brigade denounced the supposed resolve of the Egyptian crisis in 2014, claiming the new government was but a mere puppet to the self-serving capitalist elite. The Brotherhood of the White Falcon contacted the Brigade’s leadership, particularly a man named Dr. Thrax, and offered a direct connection to Deathstrike’s army. The Brigade would fall under the GLA’s banner, and bring more destruction to the home they supposedly wished to protect.

The Egyptian Civil War (2021-2027)

Egyptian vehicles patrol near Al-Fayyum. New vehicles purchased from the United States proved to be not so new.

As the Global War on Terror officially unfolded and the world became mired in conflict once more, the violent opposition in Egypt did not end. With strength in arms and support from the GLA, the Brigade fought a violent civil war against the government. Beginning in March of 2021 with a suicide attack in Alexandria that claimed the lives of over 200 people, the war would be chalked up as but another theatre in the global fight against the GLA. In western media, the war was virtually unreported as these things were supposedly what to expect of the “failed corner of the world”. But to the people of Egypt, this struggle was more important than any other fight in the world. The government at the time, led by President Haitham Zain Abdelnour, received support from its American allies in the form of surplus equipment and trainers. However, the equipment proved to be very old for its supposed modernity. The vehicles were stripped of advanced computer systems and composite armor, the weapons were prone to jam and some had missing parts, and the ammunition sometimes wouldn’t even go off. As it turns out, the Paulson administration was mired in internal struggle as they attempted to modernize and ‘futurize’ their Armed Forces, with old, reliable equipment being stripped for parts and sold to lesser-off countries in order to gain more funding. As a result, the outnumbered Egyptian Army was overwhelmed by Brigade rebels, resulting in mass defection and capitulation. President Abdelnour was captured in 2023 and executed on live television. However, the event was only a blip on the radar, as the eyes of the world were aimed toward another part of the war.

After Abdelnour’s execution, most of the government fled to new pastures, resulting in an empty country without a leader. From the west, a Libyan military man named ‘Prince’ Kassad, supposedly an offspring of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, assumed leadership of the Brigade and took control of Egypt. Not many contested his claim because of his status in the GLA leadership. As its leader, Kassad turned the country into his personal playground. He burned Alexandria to the ground, seeing it as a taint of the western world, and attempted to unite his homeland of Libya with Egypt, which didn’t take off. He also closed the Suez Canal and took any ships still in the passage hostage. The Nubian Sword Brigade was wondering whether Kassad was a proper leader or not. However, their thoughts would be answered in the coming year.

In 2025, Deathstrike disappeared, having supposedly been killed by a joint US-Chinese strike team. Kassad was quick to break allegiance with the GLA, proclaiming the birth of a New Kingdom in Egypt helmed by him. His personal Cobra Cell took control of the country’s military and used it to ward off any aggressors, including other GLA cells. After the brutal rocket attack on Tel Aviv had left Israel weakened, Kassad tried to invade the country as retribution for all the crimes Israel had committed. He even managed to make it to the outskirts of Jerusalem before being pushed back to the Sinai. The Sword Brigade was not pleased with this turn of events, seeing Kassad as but another dictator to pilfer their country - especially since he was foreign. In 2027, the Brigade received assistance from Anwar Sulaymaan, one of Deathstrike’s top lieutenants, and together they forced Kassad to his knees. Kassad promised he would still help the GLA, and was forced away from his position.

Freedom by Tyranny (2027-2037)

The Brotherhood of the White Falcon conducted a widespread 'anti-crusade' against Christian and Jewish heritage, as revenge for thousands of years of bloodshed.

Egypt was now a free nation. On paper. In actuality, the country fell under the jackboot of the GLA’s crude and ineffective form of government. A figurehead president was installed by Sulaymaan, but real power was vested in the Global Liberation Army. In the shadows, Prince Kassad plotted his revenge on Sulaymaan and the Egyptians who betrayed him. In 2028, Deathstrike used the many container ships shanghaied in the Suez Canal to smuggle in an army into Hamburg, where he launched the European Insurrection. The people of Egypt quickly learned that a nation of terrorists was not a nation at all. They attempted to resist, but were quickly cut down by fanatical Brigade soldiers. Instead of killing them, Sulaymaan sent a message instead. He marched the survivors into what remained of Alexandria, and then leveled the city with a cadre of old artillery vehicles. The few who survived were allowed to live.

Egypt under direct rule of the GLA was not a pretty sight. The nearby nuclear war in the Middle East resulted in irradiated drinking water, poisoning thousands. Extreme religious laws were implemented, and non-Muslim places of worship were demolished by Abdul bin Yusuuf’s fanatical anti-crusade. The widespread GLA slave trade took off in Cairo, and huge marketplaces spanning entire streets were established, where one could buy enslaved non-Muslims, prisoners and women for all sorts of prizes. Most interestingly, Anwar Sulaymaan saw an interest in Egypt’s ancient history. He personally conducted many scavenging operations in the old ruins and historic temples, which he guarded from demolition. However, he was not concerned with using explosives to blow open a hole in the Great Pyramid of Giza, forever taining the last remaining wonder of the ancient world. Most famously, Sulaymaan unearthed the lost tomb of Queen Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony, under an unassuming mound eighteen kilometers south-southwest of former Alexandria, and broadcast the unearthing on the pro-GLA Arc News Network. It was the only time a segment from the network was broadcast on public television in several countries.

The Nubian Sword Brigade was not happy. The rebels who once fought a decadent regime now insisted on fighting their supposed liberators. In 2032, Deathstrike was unceremoniously assassinated in his hideout, creating a power vacuum in the GLA. Prince Kassad was quick to spring into action, moving his Libyan forces across the border in hunt of Sulaymaan. However, Sulaymaan was more cunning, and had anticipated the move: Vast swathes of the Sahara had been mined with explosive devices, the very same ‘demo traps’ Kassad was famous for using. The Prince’s army was decimated, and Sulaymaan mopped up the rest. He personally executed Kassad without so much as a thought. In Egypt, the Sword Brigade used Sulaymaan's momentary distraction to launch their rebellion.

Cairo was quickly liberated, with thousands of citizens picking up arms to fight their once-allies. Though Sulaymaan was very much prepared to crush the rebellion, he backed off, impressed by the Egyptian people's’ determination. Both of Sulaymaan’s immediate subordinates, Abdul bin Yusuuf and Tahar Ibrahiim, protested his inaction, Sulaymaan believed they were better off concentrating their strength in western Sahara, as it was farther away from the nuclear war in the Middle East. Within a year of fighting, the Sword Brigade had managed to liberate half the country.

The second civil war, not even named such by anyone who thought to care, lasted well into 2037 when it was overshadowed by another conflict: The European Continental Alliance, hell-bent on avenging their fallen comrades, launched a massive invasion of North Africa. After three months of fighting, the comfortable GLA was forced south, where they consolidated in the jungles of the Congo. Not long after, the People’s Republic of China invaded Somalia, and it expanded from there. In Egypt, the Russian Federation arrived by air and sea, who easily dismantled the terrorist government and proclaimed the birth of a new nation. The people who were once angry at a foreign power controlling their nation now welcomed the foreigners with jubilee and applause as the old Arab tricolor flew proudly once more.

What Comes Under the Sun (2037-present)

Modern Cairo, reborn.

The new Egyptian administration installed by the Russian Federation proved secure and reliable. Under new President Mamoon Afarat, secularism became the norm, and the Federation provided funding and assistance for the reconstruction of non-Islamic places of worship, the Suez Canal and the city of Alexandria. However, the Great Pyramid was left damaged on behalf of the Sword Brigade, now disbanded, as a reminder of their mistake to trust the GLA. With help from Russia, Egypt was on the fast track to recovery, but never met the same level of quality and standard of living as their western neighbors, united under the ECA-backed Maghreb Union. Nonetheless, anything was better than one more year under Sulaymaan’s thumb.

In 2041, the GLA mounts an attack on a Russian base in South Sudan, not far from the Egyptian border. Their military stretching thin, Russia was forced to withdraw from the Africa region, leaving Egypt alone and undefended. Fortunately, the nearby People’s Republic of China was more than willing to lend a hand and claimed Russia’s old territory. Egypt was deemed a stable nation and did not have to suffer a military administration as Sudan and Somalia to the south. Though it took time, Chinese money started pouring in and finally rebuilt Egypt to what it should have been since 2011. A modern, safe, secular nation that would be proud to call itself the successor to the first great empire of mankind. Today, Egypt remains a democratic republic, slightly regulated by Chinese watchers, but free from desolation, tyranny and war.

Felt nice to do another country fic. Has been a while.

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