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SPOILER WARNING!: About Shockwave 1.0, ShockWave Still Needs Suggestion, Especially for version 1.0
post 24 Jun 2009, 11:45
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Here the new Updates for ShockWave 1.0:

    New Chariot for GLA (Works Just Like Combat Cycle, Excepts it won't self destruct as infantry leaves and it come out empty when it created)
    New Rail gunner for Replacing General Townes Pathfinders
    New Flamethrower infantry for China
    New Smartgunners For Replacing General Alexander's Rangers (Attack Several Enemies at once)
    New RAH-66 Comanche With pulse cannon (replaces Machine gun), Twin EMP Missiles (to Fight Air Units), and Twin BFG 9000s (replaces Rocket pods) For General Alexander (Replaces Standard Comanche)
    New Melee Attacks Ability for GLA Angry Mobs and Its Equivalents: Axe and Hammer Before Receiving "arm the mob" Upgrade, Chainsaw and Sledgehammer After "Receiving "arm the mob" Upgrade (only Prince Kassad's Fundamentalists that Receives Machete Instead chainsaw after "arm the mob" upgrade)
    New Carbon Nanotube Upgrade for increasing USA Aircraft Hit Points (without Decreasing aircraft speed)
    New Sword Attack for GLA Rebels
    New Magnetorheological fluid Body Armor upgrade for USA Infantries (Researched in Strategy Center)
    New Jet Man (Jetpack Equipped Flying Infantry) For USA (trained in Barrack)
    New Powered Armor Upgrade for General Ironside's Infantry (Researched in Strategy Canter. Increases infantry's armor, Firepower, and Speed. and Replaces Magnetorheological fluid Body Armor upgrade)
    New Radiation troopers for General Tao (Replaces Flamethrowers)
    New Shaped Charge Upgrade for General Juhziz's Explosive Weaponry
    New Plastic Explosive Upgrade for General Juhziz's Explosive Weaponry
    New Jetpack equipped Flying Infantry (Rangers, Missile Defenders, and Pathfinders) for General Granger (Replaces Airborne Ranger, Missile Defender, and Pathfinder plus Jet Man)
    New RAH-66 Comanche With Rail gun (replaces machine gun), Twin Anti Air Lasers (to Fight Air Units), and Twin High Powered Laser Cannons (Replaces Rocket Pod) for General Townes
    New Railgun Platform for General Townes (Replaces Fire Base)
    New Fusion Railgun Platform for General Alexander (Replaces Fire Base)
    New Stealth RAH-66 Comanche With Gattling gun (replaces Machine gun), Twin Anti Air Missiles (to Fight Air Units), and Twin Metal Storm Machine Guns that Fires Armor Piercing Bullets (Replaces Rocket Pod) for General Granger
    New Ion Cannon General Power for General Townes
    New Organ Transplant Upgrade for GLA Infantry (Researched in Black Market)
    New Viral Warhead for Dr. Thrax's SCUD Storm (Alongside Anthrax Gamma Warheads)
    New RAH-66 Comanche With 20mm Chaingun, Twin Antitank Rocket Pods, and Twin Anti Air Missile (to Fight Air Units) For USA
    New Ultracapacitor Upgrade for General Townes (Increases Rate of Fire of Laser and Magnetic Weaponry, Researched in Strategy Center)
    New Room Temperature Superconductor Upgrade for General Townes (Cuts Electricity used in Laser and Magnetic Weaponry by 50%, Researched in Strategy Center)
    New Dragon Skin Body Armor Upgrade For Chinese Infantry (Increases armor, makes infantry more resilient to blade weapons, Researched in Propaganda Center)
    New F-35 Lightning II for USA's Aircraft Carrier
    New Tech Mercenary Camp Building
    New Mercenary units (Very Cheap, but Drains cash until it gets depleted. once the money depleted, they revolts against the player)
    New Grappling hook Upgrade for GLA's Hijacker (used to steal rotary wing aircraft, researched in Palace)
    New Spectre Gunship with Laser Cannon and Railgun for General Townes (Replaces Standard Spectre Gunship)
    New Avenger With Metal Storm gun for General Granger (Replaces Standard Avengers)
    New Amphibious Navy Seal for USA (Replaces Marine)
    New SHIELD Infantry for General Ironside ( More Versatile than any other General Ironside's Infantries, Requires General Promotion)

Some of the above things aren't Necessary for ShockWave 1.0
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post 24 Jun 2009, 11:50
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Are you some kind of 'bad suggestions bot' or something!? You've posted this exact list a little more than 24 hours ago and the thread was locked because Shock-
wave is NOT OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS. And once again, your title is misleading. These ain't 'spoilers' because this stuff ISN'T going in. DO NOT try this again.


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