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Seth's ShockWave missions
post 17 May 2014, 21:27
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Hello ShockWave fans,

after I published some of my ROTR missions earlier this week, now my Shockwave missions follow suit.
As they are quite many, I put them into a big package in my dropbox folder.
They are from really different stages in my mapping career, so the quality level and difficulty may vary greatly; I have ensured however that they all are functional in ShW 1.1 (no guarantees for other versions).

As for the missions themselves:


Against Fai:

Simple. You play vGLA against General Fai. Was meant as a replacement for his non existing General’s Challenge.


You play China (first vChina, then Tao) and try to wipe out the GLA.

Battle for Golan Heights:

You as Fai against Deathstrike in a mountainside. You must first destroy SAM sites with your small infantry team, then build a base and clean up.

City Struggle:

Kassad vs. China and USA. You have to play very sneaky.


As the name suggests, you try to destroy Deathstrike’s Soyuz missile silo as Alexander, with some help from Kwai.

Roll Tide:

You as Ironside against the GLA and the famous Chinese Rogue General. In the beginning you have to take out a scud storm with Burton.

The scourge of the earth:

You as Thrax are ’testing’ some chemical weapons on ’volunteers’. Involves the longest cinematic intro I ever made.

Tibet Insurrection:

You as China have to strike down the GLA insurrection in Tibet. In this mission you can choose your General.
(In order to fail in this one you have to be drunk)

UN convoy:

You play as USA and try to protect UN convoys with supplies from the GLA. In this mission you can choose your General.

USA1- Hunting for Scorpions:

Part 1 of my still unfinished USA mini campaign. Crush the GLA. Easy!

USA2-Danger of Explosion:

Part 2 of my still unfinished USA mini campaign. You must rescue Burton from prison with the help from two CIA agents, then use Burton to destroy a Scud Storm. Finally you can take on Juhziz’s base after securing your own (AirGen).

Part 3 is finished, but built on a map I didn’t make, so I have to apply for the permission of the mapper first.

Have fun and feel free to leave bug reports etc.
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