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Attacque Supérior FAQ
Graion Dilach
post 2 Aug 2015, 8:58
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Just a random modder trying to give a helping hand.

Hello, my reader! I'm happy that you started reading this topic before you raise your own question - you might find it answered here already.

Q: What is Attacque Supérior?
A: Attacque Supérior is a mod of OpenRA based on Yuri's Revenge, which will add new sides, units and things like that by the Supérior Caliburwielders team, led by yours truly.

Q: OpenRA? I've heard about this mod before but it was Yuri's Revenge...
A: I'm glad if you have heard of this mod before if you indeed did. Yes, it did started on Yuri's Revenge. However as time passed, the limits of Yuri's Revenge became more and more stressing, leading to the assumption that the mod became impossible in Yuri's Revenge - infact, one of the sides entered a complete creative blackout stage, without a long-term chance to being unique on YR. That and the compatibility issues with nowadays systems, alongside with cross-OS support... the switch to OpenRA seemed a better option.

Q: Probably, but OpenRA doesn't even have Tiberian Sun right now...
A: At the time of the writing (Summer 2015), this is true. The TS terrain support is done alone and there are many TS/RA2 features missing from the engine. However, there are features which OpenRA brings to the table already, and the pace of the development is promising. The AS team believes that by the time AS gets releaseworthy, OpenRA will be more than enough ready to support it.

Q: You mentioned new sides. Who are they?
A: Right now, there are three new sides incoming: the Pacted, the Freedom Confederates and the Oppressors. The latter is a robotic alien faction aiming to destroy humanity which succeeded pushing out the Allies from the United States at the dawn of the story. The Pacted are the now-separated eastern branch of the Allies (South Korea, Japan, Australia, etc.) blending RA3 Allies with the C&C GDI while the Freedom Confederate is the civilian resistance of the United States, being inspired by RA3 Paradox, ZH GLA and RA1.

Q: I've seen some screenshots. What's all with that crazy colors?
A: That's part of the AS feeling. You see, AS deliberately aims to be as over-the-top as possible. We, the Supérior Caliburwielders team believe that a game should entertain the player not just via gameplay but also via easter eggs, crazy designs/ideas/etc. While serious gamers usually ignore these traits, casuals don't. The current visuals are also what makes AS really unique compared to all the other mods based on TS/RA2.

That being said, we take gameplay balance serious - even though we mostly aim for the casual scene.

Q: Hey, I've seen that asset in mod "X"! You must be ripping!
A: At the time of writing, that's highly likely you'll see familiar assets, however, these assets are either from public sources, either were donated to AS by their respective authors. The AS team does not tolerate ripping and does not intend to go that low. It's another story that right now the AS team does not have a dedicated artist, so we are forced to work with what's available. The crazy visuals were also devised as a compromise of this as well.

Q: Hmm, makes sense. When do you release this?
A: When it's done. Currently, the AS team speculates that OpenRA won't be ready for an AS release - read: an OpenRA release (not playtest!) which has a 85% fully functioning TS mod atleast - before Summer 2016, but that also depends on the progress of the AS team itself as well, ofcourse.

Q: Can I be a part of this team?
A: If you'd join, contact Graion Dilach and persuade him to have you joined. The AS team welcomes contributors or testers.

Q: I have a question which this FAQ didn't answer!
A: In that case, feel free to open a topic about it. That's likely that if you raise such a question, it'll be added to this FAQ at a later date.

Regardless, enjoy your state and thank you for the time you took with reading this FAQ.

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