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Full Version: Shockwave problems
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Captain Belora
First, let me state that this is probably in the wrong area. I was never good with navigating forums, as well, there seems to be a glitch that the forum page keeps resetting itself every two seconds so that I don't even have time to scroll down to look for the proper aforementioned.

Anyways, I have a very simple question.

Where can I find the most official and recent download for shockwave mod for C&C. The last two I have tried have both failed, as well, tried to set a virus on my computer. ANy help as to the location would be most appreciated.

Bonus points if you can set me in the right direction as to how to install it correctly. I.e. the proper directory/folder on my computer. (I have C&C through Origin gaming, which I feel is causing the problem.)


I haven't played shockwave mod myself, but have you tried downloading from official links or moddb?

To install on origin-based ZH you also need run a small exe-file called "C&C Ultimate Collection Launchers Setup" which will modify your Generals.exe. You can download from my google drive. Or if you are worrying i might have ulterior reasons you can look for other sources.
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