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Full Version: A little help with my net
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I would really like to play MP for a change and I got a 20 dB antenna with a range of some 5 km. My neighbour has a great connection and since he's an old guy he doesn't uses it so often. He offered me his password (that's why I got the damn thing), but with a condition to pay for half of his bill. My problem is to set this thing up. I got a wireless card (Ralink) set up, installed the drivers and all, but I'm not getting anything, except my phones' hotspot. I use 64bit Win7 and I heard of some problems it had some time ago.
If any of you guys have any idea how to make this possible, your help would be greatly appreciated. smile.gif
I wish I could help you, I really want you to be in our skype group sad.gif

Can somebody help him pls?
Thank you for your support, my friend. smile.gif I hope someone has information of any kind, because I've been trying for the last couple of days (with limited free time, thou), but to no avail.
If your telling me what or who your looking for I'd ask around if theres anyone to help you
I don't really know who's that good when it comes to these kinds of things. Anyone who's willing and able is more than welcome.
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