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Full Version: GAME BREAKING BUG 1.86
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Am not sure what are the exact factors that caused this bug, but it appeared after my Deployment Zone got anthraxed by GLA the moment I was calling Pandurs. The call-in cooldown was reset everytime I called in more Pandurs. I tried to call in Leopards after the reset but the cooldown didn't reset, everything was fine. ( basically I could've just kept calling pandurs as much as I want).

I tried to call in pandurs at later stages of the game and see if that bug still existed, but everything was fine as well. It seemed like it only happend during Anthrax duration on DZ.

Here are things that needs to be noted:

1/ Is the bug actually caused by Anthrax bomb hitting DZ during a call in ?
2/ Is it only revolving around Pandurs, or is the call-in reset dependant on the type of unit being called in during Anthrax bomb hit?
3/ Can someone try and replicate this?

Here is the replay, it happend around the first Anthrax bomb after I got my solar reactor killed once ( not sure about the timing) I rebuilt my DZ, and had it call pandurs eventually, while the first Anthrax bomb in the game was used.
Confirmed. Tested this issue with Mizo just a few mins ago via a special scripted map. All timers reset when there's anthrax, and It's not only Pandurs.
Bug Confirmed. Factors involved in replicating this bug:

1/ Anthrax Beta bomb, not sure if default Anthrax involved as well.
2/ Call in a battlegroup before Anthrax bomb hits the DZ.

The call in is automatically refreshed, and you can do another battlegroup call after the Airship lifter leaves. You can do a max of 3 call ins during Anthrax duration.
its sage trying to help ECA Beat GPS spam mindfuck.gif
QUOTE (mr_Skittles @ 19 Nov 2015, 17:39) *
its sage trying to help ECA Beat GPS spam mindfuck.gif

Even SAGE knows GPS GLA is bullshit tongue.gif
Object EuropeVehicleAirshipDeliveringBattleGroupTimer

  Body = ActiveBody ModuleTag_04
    MaxHealth       = 10.0
    InitialHealth   = 10.0

This is why. When a Battlegroup is delivered, you also get an object that makes sure you can only have the next delivery after a certain amount of time; this same object has no armorset and with its measely amount of HP will die to anything. Though I checked the rest of the system and it kinda strikes me as intentional for some reason.
I'm no expert, but would increasing the hp of that particular object resolve the issue, without actually messing other things up?
Hit points or armor set change.
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