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Full Version: Actual Deep impact suggestions
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Die Hindenburg
GLF Visuals:
For the GLF, they could have some variations for some of their units like:

Quad Cannon (if they still use it or its equalivent)
Instead of a ramshakle design, they could have an variation of each of these quad anti air vehicles, the SIDAM-25, the ZSU-23-4 and the Type-95 AA, this vehicle starts with just the quad cannon, but can be upgraded with two anti air missile launchers, one on each side. The quad guns are always the same size and length, so its easily to see its essentily the same unit. It can also lay anti helicopter mines.

Support power multirole jet
instead of an slow bomber or attack aircraft, the GLF could well use hillarously a delta wing fighter jet instead, that deploys their bomber general power, this one randomizes its apperance each time its called in, from a HAL Tejas, to an MIG MFI and then a Saab Gripen, each with their cockpit having broken glass, and lost their camo coat. showing scrathes and bullet holes
The GLS won't be so low tech retarded as the GLA is in Zero Hour. So the whole broken cockpit and bullet holes - not gonna happen. As for unit variations - let's just say that is something we would only do once we have a finished released faction.
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