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Full Version: Can i post a special fanfiction thing i made for old EC?
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Die Hindenburg
I made a compilation of unit profiles for old EC units and structures, i would like to post them part for part as kind of description of how i think they would be if EC was completed.
I made no visiual changes to almost any of these, more functional and lore related. Would it be ok to post them? cool.gif

They are not suggestions nor fanfiction stories actually, but more what if the units would have been fully fleshed out. (except stats and mostly visuals)
I will add heroes though, and i made them in a way that mirrors the faction while also stands out the most for that particular faction as unit. tongue.gif
Sure, go ahead. smile.gif
Die Hindenburg
QUOTE (Zeke @ 4 Feb 2016, 6:52) *
Sure, go ahead. smile.gif

Thanks! cool.gif

Here are some of the prototypes i made in the years:

One of the changes would have been that Generals/ZH did not happened, but that this one is out future.

United Asian Nations

Slight lore additions:
Originated in 2025 as BRICS (Brazil/Russia/India/China/Southafrica Agreement)
Established in the mid 21st century as the Shanghai Pact, later reanmed as United Asian Nations in reaction to the events happened like the indian-pakistani war and middle eastern nuclear exchange.

In the campaign, you would have, as UAN commander in the first two (1st and 2nd) missions, fought a civil war between the member states Russia and China, who had different units (these units were the subfaction specific ones). This was the first thing i had in mind for the campaign, years back.

This segment was added by me as very recent prototype:
After that and the reunification of the UAN the player had to defend itself from first the third WEA army (similar to the ninth army of nazi germany, where you get to use the UAN epic unit first, and had to destroy a MASS Drone Carrier/Battleship) and later the combined WEA and AC forces (you would later lead them into infight due to staged incidents included sabotage, assassinations, false information and recourse exchange and underground battles, with you having access to the entire UAN arsenal except the epic hero unit (which i will desribe later)

The seventh mission, the commander had to first knack the defences and then the massive wall of Neu-Berlin, the seat of the WEAa massive bunker complex...
with some nasty suprises, including the WEA supreme chanchellor in a experimental Centurion tank and the european LASAT network that would rain down EMP beams, kinetic rods, and even the WEA tried to smash their largest space station out of despair into the city.

Almost winning the entire war, the UAN learns that the AC started deployment of their "Continent" class BattleCarriers which would flooded the the newly aquired territory with fighter jets, bombers, strike aircraft and other bad things, which the UAN could not aquedatly defend against.

So they have to star a massive MASS aircraft that was not finished (it would be actually the map, or a extremly large unit to cover the entire map, like if you would enlarge the ZH carrier many times) the player had to defend it with with atmospheric air defence craft against the AC jets. Like the aircraft carrier battles of old (or more like Iron Sky). And just before the super gun of the MASS ship was fully charged, an Despoiler (it can be vaguely described as an Atlas mixed with an Devastator but larger) which you had to fight with your own super unit, the ASTRA Khan
(this mission would involve that you are not allowed damaing the MASS ship with friendly fire during the Despoiler fight, so you had to fight it tactically)
In the aftermath, after destroying the tank, the MASS super gun would be ready, and it would had destroyed both the fleet, and the space station, and the UAN in the cutscenes proceed to overtake America D.C. (a larger Washington D.C.) and other AC cities in the same matter as the soviets in RA-2 and World in Conflict.

You have would noticed a distrubing trend during the campaign, beggining with the third mission, where you first get to use a prototype Behemoth, the Indrik (much larger sized, circa double or quadrouple, and later outfitted with WEA and AC goodies, it woudl aquired a pretty neat look) crew by intally two houndred men. its weapons would be the same missiles, but also two large flamethrwoers and piloted by your most trusted tank commander (from the first two missions). He helps you out in every mission on occassion, and saves sometimes your forces in dire situation, but he will notice that the Indrik has several flaws in its design, and you will see it casuing massive colleteral damage, in one cutscene it drives over WEA, AC and even UAN troops without mercy, and in a later cutscene it fired its later rail-cannon at the falling space station, only to hit and pulverize several asteroids and space debris into large bullets that cause a rain of fire you had to survive in the neu berlin mission.
You try several times to contact your Indrik commander, with the first times you get typical responses, but later statics and in the neu-berlin mission you hear strange sounds from the responses... While the United Asian Nations won the war, the Indrik would gone missing, even despite the tools the UAN has to find it.

Final Mission:
In the final mission, you would mobilise your army after the last cutscene where the UAN, now the UWN, celebrated their first world unification day but was suprised by a nuclear explosion that destroyed new Shangai, and you realize that it was the Indrik. You attack it with units enhanced with WEA and AC technology and destroy it easily, but in the cutscene you learn that the Indrik has changed much... it was infected by an nano-virus of unknown origin which made it compatible with all these addons, but also made room for an nanite factory that produces an never ending swarm of Locust explosive drones, each armed with fusion bombs.
You had to destroy the core, as the Indrik repairs itself back slowly, and conitues to destroy your units. It would spawn different types of other enemies as well, and getting stronger with time, so you had a limited frame where you could defeat it.
In the end you overload its core with a ICBM, causing an explosion that destroys an large part of of eurasia...
Or like so, or different, or not atll like so... ?

In the end you defeated it, or you lost, it has two endings. Both would show how the UAN changed the world.

Ok now some of my revisions i had done as well, will be expanded if its ok.
UAN infantry was to be the best (and risky) infantry in EC, so here:

Iron Guard
Mainline infantry, armed with a semi automatic 7,92mm battle rifle that fires two shots in one burst each.
Gains a horde bonus when more then four or more Iron Guard are close. Built in groups of two (or four in one subfaction but slower) per purchase

Also they can not only switch to bajonets, giving them added moving speed (though forcing them into melee CQC in this mode) but also a large calibre, bolt-action 23mm anti tank rifle, both visually and internal little more then a piece of metal. (short lock one time before firing, but recoil makes a long reload time afterwards.
This monster is shorter ranged then some one expects, because of its basic gun sights and without scopes, the guard cannot use it at long ranges, and are forced to lay down to fire it. This weapon makes the Iron guard a light anti tank/vehicle infantry.

Switching to one of each these weapon types requries a short time, and forces the Iron guard to stand still for a moment.
Suprisingly cheap and easy to conscript, thanks to the low cost of both equipment and training, despite their effectiveness.

Cluster Trooper

Expericenced and promoted to officers by UAN officials, which when killed trigger a short state of cameradry of friendly UAN foot troops (like frenzy but more cooler). Also they use as well a breach loaded rocket launcher; those projectiles release a cluster of explosive warheads behind. Effective at long ranges, but cannot hit aircraft, and the fire rate is pretty slow (they need to aim for a short time to fire), though can be used against any ground target with the same efficience, be it man, tank or building.
Due to their heavy armour, they die rarely, and their special effect used when they die has a limited radius. They have a minimum range where they dont fire.

Some „creative“ Cluster Troopers where even seen laying their rockets as land mines, where more brave ones charge to enemy tanks and plant a adhesive bundle of strapped together cluster rockets at its tracks (or at anything else but infantry), stopping it for a short time or destroing it, what happened more then often.
The rockets can be avoided by fast units, however.

Aircraft Hunter

Extremly specialised with a surpise, these low ranked men are formely guerilla, seperatist, criminal and terrorist scum who are reindoctrinated into faithful warriors of the UAN. Each Sky Hunter is armed with a anti-air missile launcher that is as simple as powerful, and safe enough –due to programming and mechanical measures- so they cannot use them on friendly units (which is not applicable if enemy forces use stolen UAN equipment). These missiles explode in a short lived cloud of caustic smoke, damaging every enemy aircraft in range for a short time. Short ranged and medium rate of fire. They fight harder (firing faster and at a longer range) the more they are wounded, but get even more slower then other infantry at lower health.

Stealth Trooper
Armed with a reliable 12 gauge pump action shotgun with rounds loaded with hotwhite tracers, as well as a smart chamoflague system that can adapt to any terrain, the Recon Trooper can both scout the enemy base and sabotage buildings with ease, using simple tools such as an cutter.
Their harsh training ensues that Recon Troopers never suffer penalities even when wounded at the brink of death, making it difficult to hunt them down, considering their stealth and speed.

Battle Medic
Only equipped with simple personal defence weapon (A CF-05 PDW with an almost bottomless magazine of calibre .40 munition though), the primary roles of an Battle Medic are to instantly heal friendly infantry in range with medi kits (an instant use ability with cooldown time), and increasing passively their health by 25% inside a passable range. Thanks to their modified NBCR protection tools, such as specialised rebreathers, they are nearly immune to the afromentioned hazards, and can clean toxins and radiation with ease with newly introduced grenades that release a clinical clean foam to suck in dangerous materials.

Napalm Trooper (Dragon Tactics)
These men are outfited with a special flamethrower that can operate in two modes, a traditional "flame projector", that can produce devastating fire walls, or a „fire ball launcher“ that lets them lob incendiary bomblets that leave clouds upon exploding, which when fired upon by an other Napalm Trooper with a flame projector mode, can initiate a fire storm. Fireproof against these circumstances, they are also safe from being killed by tank treads or other accidents. Though they tend to explode in a red blaze when killed, though this mostly happens after they are killed due to the robust flame thrower tanks.
Infact, they can ram other infantry and injure them, though they are slow.

RAD Trooper (Nuclear Armaments)
Constantly emitting radiation (though not suffering from it) and armed with a revolver type multiple grenade launcher that fires either small ECM or RAD grenades for different roles, they are effective for support at long range. They dont contain any explosives, but their kinetic punch is enough to damage most heavy vehicles and defences. The EMP grenades stun vehicles and defences, the RAD grenades clear garrisons and
The grenades have magnum primers for longer range, with a higher force, i.e. recoil, slwoing down fire rate.

These RAD troopers can easily desolate entire areas by simply standing where they are. As logical contiuation of their theme, they wear heavy duty armour made to survive even the most catastrophic events, they even are able to shrug off a nearly direct tactical nuclear weapon, as long as the warhead itself does not hit them (their armour can be penetrated easily by bullets and any ballistic damage for some reason). When killed, they release a high dose of radiation behind for a short time.
They are realitively fast despite their armour.


Maradeur Buggy

Simpler as a wooden cart in operation, and less fuel hungry then a current ultra-efficient family car, the Maradeur exemplifies the UAN principles of mechanized warfare as a versatile scout vehicle. While initially unarmed when it lurked and listened inside WEA territory, its success proved that the concept was suitable to carry different kinds of armaments while on recon duty.
The Maradeur was developed by an russo-philippine (the Phillipines in EC designed many of the light vehicles for the UAN) state consortium (The UAN had similarities with the USSR)
The Maradeur Buggy is/can be outfitted with one of these following Modules:

Armed initatly only with a sensor arrary and a grenade MG, other modules can be also purchased to replace the sensor/GMG turret for other roles. The grenades can reach longer then most low level defences have range, and fufill their fast strike role with respectable results.

This turret has a medium ranged mortar, that can fire cluster or incendiary shells (dragon tactics), the projectiles are slow though, but atleast the Buggy can now drop mine fields (which are filled napalm when using dragon tactics) as active ability, for a low cost. A effective medium for fast artillery strikes or to lay down traps. The Buggy loses detection and decreases sight range, but gains additional armour.

Rocket/Missile Pod
Ground targets get to face the swarms of rockets, while aircraft are prey for the fast and difficult to divert, but weak missiles. Both are fired in large salvos, covering a large area, but with low explosive payload, they need to hit directly.
A fire support upgrade for the Marauder. Decreases speed and detection range. Rockets are fired in a straight vertical angle, so they cannot hit over obstacles, while missiles need some range to reach the skys. Each salvo takes time. tongue.gif
With nuclear armaments, the two weapons do more damage and leave radiation behind.

Napalm/Nuclear Bomb (requries one of the two tactics, both are mutually exclusive)
With heat absorbing stealth coating and advanced mirror-like metamaterials, the Maradeur has been lately seen to be outfitted with either incendary fueled canisters or radioactive dirty bombs. Unlike any other terror type unit, it will always survive (awith half of health left) the first explosion when it self detonates, and if repaired can be reused as mobile bomb (reloading the bombs take time) as many times as needed and brought back in working condition. Suffers greatly from damage received, more so then any other unit. Really excentric... tongue.gif

I will add further information about the UAN, like upgrades and units later.
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