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Hi guys, I'm having trouble trying to run the shockwave mod, It doesn't seem want to work... I've tried going through disabling my firewall... It allows me to run the application but it doesn't allow me to run it online though. Not that I don't mind that. But I'm wanting to play solo. It allows me to pull up the interface for switching between generals and zero hour but it doesn't pop up with shockwave... please help. I think I got windows 7-8 i can't remember

and it doesn't give me the option to quickstart it :/
You're on origin version of the game right ?

If so you simply have to select zerohour as quickly as possible after pressing the launch button in the ShockWave launcher.
I have the same problem as dontbulsitmee; the game is freshly installed per origin and running on a win 7 32bit.

And yes, Iīm running the Shockwave Launcher as Admin and have tried the solution The_Hunter mentioned above; all to no avail wink.gif

Best regards,

El Johnson?
What do you mean TimeBurner?
Are you the Lion? Have you finally awoken from your slumber? Have you come to hunt down the fallen and make them repent,once and for all? I am confused...
Since when does an Angel look like a Lion? I am the Angel of Death incarnate! I am the righteous fury who slays all the enemies of Mankind! (would be nice to see my olīfriend Johnson again though)

P.S.: sorry for the OT above dear Admins; somehow I donīt have the right to write PMs to anyone; do I have to reach a certain number of posts to gain that right? ^^°
P.P.S.: TimeBurner, my brother in arms, lets discuss the slaying of Mankindīs enemies in the OT-forums; Iīll see if there are any 40k-related threads :3
Nyet! heresy!
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