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Full Version: Javelin bug/exploit
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I have no idea how long it has gone unnoticed, but if force fired, Javelins deal no damage to either friendly [my own] vehicles ( be it a drone or a tank or a combat cycle) or my own buildings by virtue of the AOE. Albeit it does deal a symbolic 1% of damage, no more is dealt beyond that. One can exploit this by parking a vehicle near an enemy building and force firing the Javelins, dealing significant damage in the process; even more so if ASCAT is used, as it can damage multiple buildings at once. I haven't had the chance to test in in-game so I don't know whether it breaks anything or not.
Good find. Can you post results of in game testing?
I thought that Javelins deal the specific anti-tank damage to prevent them from being useful when doing something like this.
Me and Rik tested and confirmed the bug; same thing with allied players as well.
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