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Full Version: Tiberium is now real
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These lab-grown materials are known as metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, and they work sort of like molecular sponges, which can soak up gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

As you can imagine, in a world where CO2 emissions are threatening the future habitability of the planet, that's an incredibly handy trait to have. So for decades, researchers have been tweaking these MOFs, slowly improving on them, without ever suspecting that they might exist in nature.

The discovery that the same structures could be found in Siberia "completely changes the normal view of these highly popular materials as solely artificial, 'designer' solids," said lead researcher Tomislav Friščić from McGill University in Canada.

"This raises the possibility that there might be other, more abundant, MOF minerals out there."

Let's hope it doesn't get as bad as in the Tiberian Universe.
First it soaks up gases with carbon, then it will soak other elements, then it will alter other molecules and turn them into its own. And then suddenly Kane presents himself to the world awbot.gif .
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