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Full Version: Pink textures with all generals versions?
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Hello, my friend recently returned to his generals game only to find it severely corrupted in terms of missing textures. Specifically, the ground is pink (missing texture) in all generals games, except cnc untitled, in which it is fine but the buildings are pink. Obviously this makes the game unplayable.

We have tried reinstalling, with me giving him a set of perfectly working files to test with to no avail; pink textures for days.

I think what might be happening is the computer is indexing or 'remembering' zero hour data files with pink corrupted textures when it loads the new fresh install of cnc generals (we are on windows 10). That, or some other software is messing with generals' files. He runs Kaspersky if that helps, though he claims it couldnt be his antivirus since he ran it with generals prior to this debacle.

I can get his options and more detailed specs if you need them, but I wanted to hear your thoughts first.
Check this thread:

You may find something useful.

im not sure it has to do with his installation. I actually just sent him the entire game and mod folder as one package via dropbox and let him grab it. He can run the game its just his ground is pink. Naturally everything works fine on my end.

Ill try giving him a clean install of ZH to see if that works. If it does then its clearly something with his software or system. I own the first decade so I can just give him a fresh textures.big straight from the disk if need be.
This thread can be closed. It was system file corruption, nuked his generals folder(s) and all of their mods. Damn shame.

Reinstalled and no pink stuff anymore.
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