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Full Version: Particle Cannon Weapon
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I am trying to modify Particle Cannon uplink for USA General, but compared to other SuperWeapon of China (Nuclear Missile), I am not able to find any Weapon or Locomotor function for it.

I tried to change some values in it (Object: ParticleCannon), but it does not change at all. What it does is a 2-3 sec of Beam on the Target and then vanishes without any damage, sometimes there is just sound Of Particle Beam running but no EFFECTS or DAMAGE on Target.

Any help will be appreciated.

Does any one has a nice FXlist for Ion Cannon?

I am trying out new effects, like NukeShockwave, GLANukeRing, MuzzleFlash, AuroraSmoke... etc... it becomes too BRIGHT ... any way to mix these Particle system in a way that it does not go too Crazy?
If you want to make an Ion Cannon superweapon the best way is actually to copy the Nuke instead of the Particle Cannon.

Make a nuke with an invisible missile, that creates an ion cannon looking explosion upon detonation.

Check the Ion Cannon I made for GenX's SupW Gen and you'll get what I'm saying.
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