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Full Version: Special Request: Video
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Hey guys, I've been a fan of ROTR for years after playing Generals ever since it first came out.

Unfortunately, I have a favour to ask. I am not very skilled with anything to do with videogames, aside from playing them. I am hoping that there would be somebody on here who can do this for me without too much effort.

I am wondering if somebody could record a short video from vanilla Zero Hour. All I need is a clip of the "arm the mob" upgrade for the GLA completing, and most importantly, hearing the phrase "AK-47s for everybody!" being shouted to notify that the upgrade is complete.

Long story short, I used that phrase "ak47sforeverybody" to create an email many years ago, and some overzealous officials in my government saw it and used it to portray me as dangerous; this has cost me a lot of opportunities in my life, including my potential career. I know it sounds absurd, and that's because this whole thing was absurd to begin with. I explained it countless times to these officials, and even under oath in court, that this was merely a phrase taken from a videogame, but they have repeatedly implied that it is some kind of threat to go on a rampage. So I have to do something to clear my name and getting a video of this from the game will go a long way to help me.

I have spent years standing up to the pure ignorance and hypocrisy that these people have put me through. For now, all I want to say on the matter is that government officials in my country (Canada) are of an older generation, and thanks to all kinds of new anti-terror legislation pushed through in previous years they have completely failed to understand the realities of the modern digital age. They are not adept with technology, and to them a simple quote from a video game is evidence of an imaginary vast conspiracy. Because I gave them this email address one time (as it was the only one I had at the time), during an application process for something through the RCMP, they went full retard and issued a secret court order against me to ensure constant problems in the future (trust me, this is all on official record). Because this is a small city where people view themselves as more important than they really are, this application process turned into a court case and even into a media event where my email address was plastered everywhere to defame me. They don't require proof to make such allegations, only suspicions, and the burden has been left on me to disprove their allegations with actual proof.

Please try not to judge me or make too many assumptions, as it is a long story. I am just wondering if there is somebody who can make this video.

So you dont want this but you want a copy of a video like this or A clipped version of the audio from this?
....and then they're gonna ban generals in Canada.
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