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Full Version: Replay Bug
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Whenever I try to watch my replays, it doesn't. . . work. My workers will build the base, but sometimes my factories and barracks will not spawn units, and other times they just sit there. This has happened with every replay I have in 1.87
Hecthor Doomhammer
Weird, all replays I've downloaded and casted don't have this. Can you add a replay or 2 so we can have a look?

Then again, is it possible you're looking at older replays of 1.86 or before?
Here's a replay from 1.87, both computers play exactly like they did originally, but mine did not. For instance, the infantry that are made at the beginning of the battle move to the assigned rally point for the barracks, but just sit there after that when in game I had them taking over the oil derrick. The war factory does not make the Humvees I produced and the airfield does not make the Blackhawks.

And now it won't let me upload the files.
you should be able now that you're a regular member (new members aren't allowed those features untill they have made 5 posts which you just did)
Just tried again, it's still saying that I'm not permitted to.
It says I'm not allowed to upload that 'type' of file. Do I need to change it into a different format?
put it in an archive, rar or zip
Got it, thank you. Here is the replay. I just checked it and now even my infantry is not spawning.
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