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Full Version: Supply gatherers bug
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Hello there,

I don't know for sure if this bug has been reported before (I couldn't find it when searching for it).
But the gatherer trucks seem to move to the edge of the map to drop off the load.
which is really annoying since it kinda breaks the game for me.

This happens in 9 out of the 10 games that I play.

P.S, GLA doesn't seem to be affected by this.
is this bug just on lagoon or every map? not seen them go that far out the way before.
if its lagoon that wouldn't surprise me with that maps pathfinding...
It's on most maps that I have played, sometimes on one supply building they do just fine, but when I place a second one near a mountain they must go to some random edge and then drop off.

The maps that I have noticed this on is:
Alpine Assault,
Desert Quadrant,
Forgotten Forest.

ECA also has this and I don't think China has it I haven't seen it happen yet.
Yeah it doesn't seem to happen to the chinese, only Russia and ECA it seems.
Riyad Enakoua
yes i suffer from this bug for most of the maps ... only Chinese doesn't have this bug ...
supply trucks go to the edge of the map to empty their load and give money for no reason ...
most of the times i play "German Lowlands (6) " map and it has this bug .. in this map they for the left side of the screen in the edge ..
.. it's very annoying ..
this bug in 1.86 and 1.87
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