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Full Version: Can We Mod Zero Hour on Win10 OS?
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Recently I'm about to replace my old PC with a new one, however I've heard about a number of complaints from my classmates that the new hardware no longer allow users to install win7 OS, forcing everyone to switch to win 10 OS. So I'm quite worried about whether Zero Hour game itself and essential modding tools, such as 3ds max 7/8 and related .w3d export/import addon can work on win 10 OS. Does anybody here have any experience or conclusion on this ? Thx a lot, cuz I really love ZH and ZH modding.
I actually was curious about this so, a while ago, i did some tests:

No, 3DS Max 8 and 7 are not compatible with windows 10 and you will have problem at some point. These problems can be interface glitch (view port suddenly freezes but the program works, like you can use material editor) and random crashes, and crashes that are occured by performing certain actions which i have forgot.

Does it happen on every Windows 10 device? No.
I tried to run max 8 with BFME SDK on a windows 10 All-in-One PC i had at work (which had win10 by default) and it worked just fine, tested everything in it, nothing happened, no crash no glitch. It didn't happen to my friend's PC either. Why didnt 't these two glitch? I tried to find out, but i didnt really find anything. While on my own laptop, it crashes really often. So i downgraded to win7.
Does it has something to do with DirectPlay function? (Which is set to off by default in Win10),because I did some test with my friends' PC today and I found out that when running max 8.0 for the first time win10 would pop up message about installing DirectPlay.
I'm not sure. But i didn't get such error/notification about DirectPlay.
im curren "work" on win10 and use 3DS max 7

You can Import\Export W3D no problem awbot.gif

but like M.P say Just some interface glitch (fom me only if im use the right menu , for hide some part) , crash almost no one

if the problem like this one :

on the bottom right of the descktop spamclick on "show deskop" and the glith vanish
Btw if you're doing C&C3/KW/RA3 modding, 3ds Max 9 is a better option as far as i know. And it works pretty good with Windows 10.
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