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Full Version: Nice 1vs1
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ToRMEnT(Nuke) vs Erik (china SWG)

Nice game pimp_smile.gif
interesting game, nuclear you should space out your gatts more though nuclear, the mig splash damage can take out 2 gatts at once when theyre beside each other, also i dont recommend nuke migs against leang (that are unupgraded), because her gatts are better than regular gatts at killing air. good use of nuke bombers though smile.gif

erik, you played decent too but securing your flanks with an empty LO or a defense is important if you get migs, or else he'll just sneak gatts in like that sad.gif against overlords in general, i don't feel that the buritino is worth it, i think making more ECMs+upgraded ravages would have won you the battles against his overlords. IMO, the blackshark>migs in usefulness against Nuke.

both of you guys should try to kill/capture each others oils too, they give a lot of $$$ over time.

overall nice game smile.gif
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