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Full Version: 3D Fractals
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Wasn't entirely sure where on earth to put this, it's mathematical based art but the art forum is for personal work only so the science/technology section seemed the most fitting.
ohmy.gif Looks like coral
Make sure you check out the links at the bottom, there's way more pictures thanks to the awesomeness of what fractals are.
That's wicked sick, looks like an embroidered ball. aw.gif
Nice find, never knew there were actual renders of 3D fractals out there.

Here's a vid of one:

(Fixed youtube string to make the video display.) - OD
You gotta love the power of Mathematics
That looks a bit creepy.
Why not?
There are even real structures and parts of organisms (!) which are de facto fractals:
green cauliflower (ROMANESCO)- typical organical 3D fractal

photo by AVM (on the
or snail shell

photo by Geierunited (on the

Rivers, snow flakes, trees (in modern FPS games the trees are grown, sometimes using "polysplines") and many others are also fractals (within some bounds).
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