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Full Version: 1.87 Heavy Sniper
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I was doing the fan made campaign(quite nice) and I found this weird bug/exploit with the heavy sniper.
Didn't have any means of recording cause I just reinstalled my windows. Sometimes the sniper will fire 2 shots in rapid succesion while it only plays the firing and the casing drop animation once. It plays the firing and reloading sound twice though.

I don't know how to recreate it though, it happens randomly switching between the way it's supposed to fire and this one.

~I will try to upload a video of it later, gotta install some drivers to be able to record with AMD.
Here it is, sorry about the sound, don't know what happened.

Didn't have any infantry or vehicles around to shoot but it does the same on those.
I was wrong about the casing drop animation UI8.gif
Re-recorded for a higher quality sound, apparently it only works on base defenses. I tried to kill infantry or destroy vehicles but it wouldn't shoot one after the other, just normal RoF.
Also why can't I edit my own posts so I can update a single one instead of making a ton of them shit.gif
looks like a veterancy issue, though that didnt happen to me when i played that map.
also you can only edit your posts for the first 15 mins after making it.
you can edit the ini files?
if you know ofc

and search something delaybetweenshots 1500
and predelaybetweenshoots i dont remember well hehe

but ask for somebody like zeke or hunter they could help you
also you can only edit your posts for the first 15 mins after making it.

Wha? Why?
post drama a while ago.
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