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Full Version: This site says "Could not determine your IP address"
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Joachim Otahal
I am using my work Laptop right now, over a hotspot.
But on my actual machine I only get "Could not determine your IP address". Whether I use Vivaldi Browser or Firefox or Edge - does not matter.

But the actual IP is detected by, and so on. Except for this site, which is strange.
Right now it is:


No VPN, no other "Hide my IP" nonsense, no forced proxy of my provider, not TOR or other funny stuff.

Please check your log what is wrong about that, this is really weird. Especially locking out someone who is using 1&1 Germany as provider, one of the largest here (techically Telefonica, since 1&1 is a reseller).
Yuu can be technically detailed, I made my first internet steps in 1993 at the university and in 1994 using Windows 3.11, Linux and other Unix-OS es.
that would be the forum not supporting ipv6, just add the site to your windows host files or disable ipv6 on your pc thats having trouble connecting.
If you don't know how to disable your IPv6 settings, here is a tutorial
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