Is it possible for the GLA, Kassad, and Deathstrike to have the Anthrax Gamma Bomb icon?
I tested it out by capturing Thrax's base and getting the Gamma upgrade, and it works- though without the purple icon for the Anthrax Bomb general's power (it had a green icon). If I purchase Anthrax Beta, the blue icon shows up and drops an Anthrax Beta bomb, but if I purchased the Anthrax Gamma upgrade, the blue icon stays, but the plane drops a Gamma bomb instead. Is it possible for all Anthrax-wielding GLA factions to have three icons for the Anthrax bomb?

Side note: I think only Thrax's Scud Storm should have the Gamma upgrade, and the GLA, Kassad, and Deathstrike have only up to the Beta upgrade.

Another side note: I think the Soyuz Missile does not deliver enough damage- it is weaker than the Scud Storm or a Nuclear Missile, which I think does not make sense for a chemical nuclear missile reserved for the "boss" general of the GLA faction. For example, if I use one of the superweapons against a Command Center (without the GLA Fortified Structure upgrade), the Scud Storm and Nuclear Missile gets the building down to 1/4 health, whereas the Soyuz Missile gets the building down to only 1/2 health. Only the Earthshaker or Demo Scud Storm can get the building down to like 1/8 health. At the very least, the Soyuz Missile should have the same amount of damage as a Scud Storm or Nuclear Missile. It's on a 6-minute timer after all.