One thing I discovered when playing General Tao was that the Nuke MiG Bombers did A LOT of friendly fire to your aircraft. If I get 6-8 bombers together and attack a large structure like a war factory or command center (potentially many other structures too), the bombers will accidentally kill each other during their bombing run. With or without the Nuclear MiG payload upgrade, they still have a large area of effect and they will harm other bombers or other aircraft near the targeted structure.
I tested this with Vanilla China EMP Bombers and they do the same thing, but with a lot of EMP instead, and well... you know.
Funny glitch, if you get a lot of EMP Bombers (I would recommend at least 60) and have them drop their bombs all together at a targeted location, the entire map will covered with floating flat surface glitches.

I am not sure if it has to do something with the explosions occurring at the top of structures and thus able to reach the aircraft or a large 3D area of effect.